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Whatever happened to SASS at the TRC?

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First off, we don't live near AZ.  So we don't get ANY border area news.


We used to to to Marana (the W.A.A.T.S.) several times ever year starting in the late's 90's.

That's where I got into SASS.   It was so cool to be able to shoot at least once EVERY weekend.

There was even a cowboy wedding out there on the range.

And now I see that the TRC west of 3 Points doesn't have any SASS outfits there.

What happened?

Muchas gracias,



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They made it real hard to run a cowboy match. Most of the clubs moved to tombstone. Pima cowboys are about the only club in the Tucson area that shoots at a place other than the tombstone livery and they are moving a Sunday match out there.

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Wow.  That sucks.  What did they do to make it so hard?  

When I was there, they had:  SASS, NRA high power, 3 gun(?), silhouette and several shooting sports.

Are they even open anymore?




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Too bad, but I see their concern.  Sounds like y’all might’a could’a used a new safety officer.....someone that understands and oversees range safety.



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There was nothing unsafe about the way matches were run at Three Points.  The majority of ranges that I shoot at, in multiple states,  do not have berms between bays.         It was a political move to force the Cowboy shooters out. I have never understood the reason behind the move, but it was pretty obvious that they no longer wanted us there when they gave three of our bays away so that 5 long range shooters could shoot over the top of them. At the time we were the biggest monthly match being held there.


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On 4/10/2021 at 3:35 PM, Rafe Conager SASS #56958 said:

According to what I heard, they didn't like that we had shooters next to each other without barriers between. And unloading tables next to another live bay.


That's more the normal thing from where we have shot.

Only a few have side berms.

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“That's where I got into SASS.   It was so cool to be able to shoot at least once EVERY weekend.”


and you still can - 1st Sunday is OPSA in Tombstone, 2nd Saturday is Pima Cowboys at the Pima Pistol Club near Catalina, Los Vaqueros in Tombstone on the 3rd Saturday, Dusty Bunch near Marana on the 4th Saturday, Pima Cowboys (Tombstone edition) the 4th Sunday in Tombstone  plus 2 WIld Bunch matches in there as well. This doesn’t even reflect all the matches around Phoenix, Yuma and further north in AZ. Lots of shooting in southern and central Az.  

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So sad to see "like-minded" folks working against each other. I remember when I was in Tucson (1996-2000)  the push in the foothills to close down the range that had been open for about a hundred years due to homes being built close to that range. I shot trap out at the Tucson Rifle Club and loved what a nice range it was, but I don't remember any CAS out there. We have had the same in Georgia with shotgunners working against Cowboys. With all of the outside interests trying to push out shooters, we need to stick together more than ever.

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Don't forget Cowtown on the northwest side of Phoenix. They shoot twice  a month.

Yavapai County has three clubs.

Whiskey Row Gunslingers -- 2nd Sunday -- Range is by Wilhoit

Granite Mountain Outlaws -- 3rd Sunday -- Range at the Compass Training Center in Chino Valley

Yavapai Rangers -- 4th Saturday -- Match held in the Prescott National Forest between Cottonwood and Sedona

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