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Please, please don't attempt to shame those who don't get a vaccine...

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43 minutes ago, Birdgun Quail, SASS #63663 said:

Utah Bob, I hope you know that isn't what I meant. 

I hope you saw the smilie.

Here's anothern


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First off I fully support those that wish to get vaccinated....if I were in different circumstances I would likely get one.  I fully support having the choice.   What concerns me is the incr

I believe it is called Medical privacy.

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Why in the heck did I keep reading this thread?

On a day that has had nothing right about it and I'm bummed out enough already I just kept reading and contributing. Why??


Geeze Sometimes my stupidity amazes me.



I'm done.



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17 hours ago, Birdgun Quail, SASS #63663 said:

I know you're lying to a kid.

Was I lying? Why yes I was. I also put on my mask because I had forgot to as I walked out fo the theater. I just wanted to see the kids brain lock up when I pushed back.  

And it did.

Lying with intent to deceive is one thing.

Lying to pull some ones chain is called humor.

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Just identify as vaccinated as in the meme thread.  If you think about it, it’s just as scientific as the rest of the “identify as what you want” movement.   It’s genius

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Well good news is new plans to help get people to take the vaccine:”


.......... I’m not going to take “The Shot, vaccine, or whatever.

Too many unknowns, deaths, other side effects, etc., associated with it.


Cat Brules

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GlaxoSmithKline is working on a vaccine as well but obviously are taking their time.  I think I will wait for one that was actually given time to study properly.   

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So it seems now money, gifts, lotteries etc are being used to buy more bodies to vaccinate.  

what I find most interesting currently  is the large population of people who plan to keep wearing a mask because they don’t believe others not wearing them are unvaccinated.  Now...this entire time it’s been said “masks don’t protect the wearer, they protect others from droplets”.....but suddenly continuing to wear a mask is now going to protect the person wearing it.


What makes this so crazy is this logic and the thread really applies to my family.  If they hated Trump, Covid is the worst and most deadliest thing in the world and everyone out there is a fool who doesn’t do what the government says...unless it was while Trump was in office then anyone who listened to the government was an idiot because Trump couldn’t be trusted and rushed the vaccine. 

Those that dislike him say they know they had Covid even though they tested negative but have severer lasting medical issues from it...even though they didn’t have it.  They look for reasons to wear masks even though vaccinated and will make a point to guilt trip others...but go to the casino all the time because that risk is acceptable.


On the other side, three people that all tested positive and were 60ish or 97 all recovered fine, no issues, no big deal.  The rest of this side all have been naysayers from the start, evaluating and forming own opinions based on anything but the media’s opinion.  They have lived their lives, hung out with other households against laws etc.  As you can guess what camp I’m in, I’m dug in and firm in my beliefs and positions and looking back I feel I have been proven correct all along.


Anyways, people that say they follow the science seem to be the type that really really are scared of all things covid.  Ask them to explain Florida, Texas, Idaho....how essential workers didn’t all die, how outside chance is less than .1 % etc etc and they have no answers, except emotional response.  They seem stuck in their world of fear and can’t let go or move out of it.  I’m sure the interactions between the masked and the unmasked will be full of news making video clips of altercations and fights.  

The political split of this, and the disparity of viewpoints of those on either side of the aisle is simply fascinating.  We are over the hill and on the road to normal so you think it would be positive and upbeat, but the media won’t let it be yet....because as they have called it wrong time and time again...if the virus goes away without everyone getting vaccinated then the media and their chosen candidates lose credibility.  





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