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Does anyone know anything about Mauser scopes?

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Two decades ago I bought a used Ruger M77 in .270.  It had -- and still has -- a fixed 4X scope made by Mauser.  Outside of military guns I've never seen anything that was Mauser, and I've never really bothered to look it up.  That said, this one does not look like a take-off part from a military gun; it was clearly produced for civilian use.  I'm not sure who made the rings.


What does anyone know about these?  When did Mauser make optics for civilian use (which would help me date the scope)?



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If it performs well and holds it's zero, use it. The problem becomes what to do with it when something goes wrong. The usual problem is moisture in the scope and it fogs up. (usually worn/bad "O" rings. It will be really hard to find someone to repair one too, especially one that old.

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This one is presently listed on Gunbroker:




but there are 13 for sale so these must be a reproduction.

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I go along with Big Sage , as long as it works O.K. just use it. If it craps out , replace it. You have had it 20 years.

As for the rings , a Ruger should have the Ruger rings that came with the rifle. Unless it is one of the " Round Top" models. Then no telling what they might be.

Rex :D


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23 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:


This is the correct scope.  Just as with the responses I've gotten on here, that particular forum from 16 years ago didn't have much, either!

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