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Try Georgia Arms.

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1 hour ago, Trigger Mike said:

If I could figure out how to ship and you didn't mind blackpowder loads I have 490 rounds, mostly GOEX blackdawg $32 a box plus shipping.

Thanks for the kind offer, Trigger Mike. Fortunately, Old Man Graybeard's recommendation of We The People Munitions panned out. In a couple weeks, I should have enough ammo for a couple of matches. :)


Thanks again, everyone.

And thank you, Old Man Graybeard.



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Both Taylors and Cimarron carry Black Hills ammo, and though that ammo is pricey and a little on the warm side for CAS, I was checking to see if either of them had any in stock.  They don't (though Taylors has .38 spcl in stock).  Interestingly, though, I see that Cimarron still has ACA 45 Cowboy Special 180gr in stock.  Probably pricey as well.

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4 hours ago, Old Man Graybeard said:

You could also try We the People munitions. 


They are cowboy shooters.

 We have a local cowgirl that is sponsored by them, Midwest Hale.

 Use her promo code at checkout for 5% off.

Promo code: Hale5

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