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  1. Thanks for the idea, Cedestech. I've mulled it over, and I think that I'll keep this little beauty in the safe for a while longer. The economy is tough right now for a lot of people, and it's probably a poor time to ask anyone to invest in such a luxury firearm. Maybe in the spring, I'll list it on GB as you suggest. In the meantime, it'll remain locked away inside the safe, waiting for someone in the near future to revive this thread and ask if it's still available for sale. LOL (And I agree. Under $3K is a steal, especially with the additional 38 Special cylinder. Oh, well. The e
  2. One more bump for the coming weekend. (Best offer. Trades considered.) W.B.
  3. I just picked up a brand new Chiappa 1887, so I no longer need this sweet baby. This is a fun little shotgun. Super slick for CAS/SASS with its famous Coyote Cap Drop-2 Mod. Plus, doubles as a very stylish home protection centerpiece with its short 18" barrel and 6+1 round capacity. Price is $1050 w/ free shipping to your favorite FFL or face-to-face transfer within a reasonable distance from Greenville, SC 29615. Please feel free to ask questions. Happiness guaranteed. SOLD PENDING FUNDS W.B.
  4. For sale is an almost new Uberti Winchester 1873 Short Rifle Deluxe with gorgeous color case hardened / blued finish and checkered walnut stocks in the classic 45 Long Colt. This was purchased straight from Palo Verde Gunworks about a month ago, and it has the super slick Palo Verde competition action job. Unfortunately, I've since realized that squeezing every last millisecond out of a lightning fast action isn't really my style, so I've decided to go with a different (and slower) type of rifle. Therefore, this speed demon must go. (My loss = your gain.) Original price was $1500. As
  5. Oh, my! Sorry, everyone. I didn't see any of these replies. I really need to fix my notification settings so that I get an email when replies are posted. In the meantime, this little beauty is sold to Irish-Pat. Thanks for your time and comments, everyone. W.B.
  6. LOL That was such a fun movie! I have no clue on the legality of your CC costume, but I give it bonus points for creativity! "Choosing my [insert number] pieces of flair" was my inside reference to the movie Office Space. Sorry about that. W.B.
  7. Agreed. So far I have the wild rag, vest, knife, sleeve garters, suspenders, and jacket. My next purchase is either an old pocket watch or leather chinks. Side question: Must the pocket watch be in proper working condition? What if it's broken, has a bullet hole thru the middle, and this pard only carries it for sentimental value as he wanders town-to-town searching for his father's killer? (Asking for a friend.) W.B.
  8. Thanks for all the replies, everyone. I really appreciate the advice. So...as long as I'm wearing it, even if it's covered, I'm covered. Good to know. I completely agree with you, Seamus. Speaking for myself (and only for myself), I do plan on wearing more than the minimum pieces of flair. I'm just trying to cover all my bases while I accumulate the total costume. For instance, I'm still hoping to pick up a nice pair of chinks soon! (Those brindle "hair on" chinks are gorgeous, but I'm afraid that I'm simply not that bold, so I'll stick with smooth leather
  9. Please forgive the above alliteration, but I'm choosing my 5 pieces of cowboy flair, and I have a question. Am I correct to assume that all 5 pieces must be visible simultaneously? (In other words... If I were wearing sleeve garters under my jacket, then only the jacket would count toward the 5 pieces, since you wouldn't be able to see the sleeve garters unless I removed the jacket.) Thanks in advance for all the insights. W.B. EDIT: Or might the jacket still count even if I removed it? After all, according to the manual, the only item of clothing specifically
  10. Thanks. I did that. They responded that they only have unfinished in stock. Oh, well. I'll keep looking. W.B.
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