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  1. UPDATE: This pistol is SOLD. Thank you to everyone who participated in this thread. W.B.
  2. Just to add some unnecessary confusion to the year of manufacture (LOL), the Colt website's serial number database shows this particular SN dated to 1973 (as originally advertised). However, I understand that the Colt collector handbooks give a different date (1974) for this serial number range, so who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ W.B.
  3. Thanks for the birth year, Joe! I've corrected the thread title. W.B.
  4. Just to be clear, this particular Colt 1911 is, indeed, a Series 70 Government Model (as prominently stamped on both sides of the slide) and was manufactured in 1973 (so it's approximately 48 years old). W.B.
  5. This is a gently used Bond Arms Texas Defender model 2-shot derringer pistol chambered in the popular 357 Magnum / 38 Special. This stainless steel little beast has the standard 3" barrel. The pistol has been fired, but only a handful of times and not by me. Other than a few light idiot scratches to the stainless backstrap (which should polish out rather easily, I would presume) this little pocket monster is still in 99% original condition. No other aesthetic imperfections at all. It's really a beautiful piece. Comes with original plastic case, etc. More photos upon request.
  6. This is a brand new / unfired Colt 1911 70s Series Government chambered in the classic 45 ACP. This has the standard 5" barrel and the large (aka BILLBOARD) roll mark. The pistol has never been fired, and it's still in 99% original condition. (However, the matching original box is very tattered.) Only two cosmetic issues with this pistol (which make it only 99% condition). First, there is an idiot mark at the slide stop lever. Difficult to photo or see in most lighting, but it's there nonetheless. (See photo.) Second, there is a tiny scratch to the finish on the underside of the frame.
  7. Thanks for the idea, Cedestech. I've mulled it over, and I think that I'll keep this little beauty in the safe for a while longer. The economy is tough right now for a lot of people, and it's probably a poor time to ask anyone to invest in such a luxury firearm. Maybe in the spring, I'll list it on GB as you suggest. In the meantime, it'll remain locked away inside the safe, waiting for someone in the near future to revive this thread and ask if it's still available for sale. LOL (And I agree. Under $3K is a steal, especially with the additional 38 Special cylinder. Oh, well. The e
  8. One more bump for the coming weekend. (Best offer. Trades considered.) W.B.
  9. I just picked up a brand new Chiappa 1887, so I no longer need this sweet baby. This is a fun little shotgun. Super slick for CAS/SASS with its famous Coyote Cap Drop-2 Mod. Plus, doubles as a very stylish home protection centerpiece with its short 18" barrel and 6+1 round capacity. Price is $1050 w/ free shipping to your favorite FFL or face-to-face transfer within a reasonable distance from Greenville, SC 29615. Please feel free to ask questions. Happiness guaranteed. SOLD PENDING FUNDS W.B.
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