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  1. SOLD This gorgeous and totally SASS-legal rifle — the premium 1860 Henry model with the factory sling swivels and chambered in Classic Cowboy 45 Colt — was made by Uberti and perfected by Cody Conagher at The Cowboy Shop. Condition is excellent, despite a few minor handling marks. Probably test fired at the factory and/or at The Cowboy Shop, but never by me. Slicked up and kept as a safe queen. The total package cost me almost $2000 even (including all shipping, action work with short stroke, etc). Offering her to a new home for only
  2. SOLD OK, while the Henry Big Boy Classic is technically SASS legal (without the Skinner Peep Sight), I'd call it either a good SASS back-up rifle or a non-SASS hunting rifle. Whatever you choose to call it, she's a sweet, old fashioned, walnut and brass rifle, chambered for both 357 Magnum and 38 Special. Plus, this beauty comes with a TON of extra premium upgrades worth over $500 alone. This entire package includes the following: Henry Repeating Arms Co. Big Boy Classic Hunting Rifle | Chambered in .357 Mag + 38 Special Skinner Express Sights, Black & Gold, Standard Rem
  3. Agreed! But if it happened to a cop on duty, it could happen to anyone, I suppose. (Hence, my severe paranoia on the subject.) W.B.
  4. OK, this question may sound silly, but I'm serious. I was reading reviews and thoughts on another forum about non-SASS guns, and I stumbled upon a thread where an ex-police officer told his story about gun-spinning. As he tells it, he used to practice spinning his service revolver for fun at home. One day, he and his superior officer were called to a scene where a suspect was supposedly hiding out in an old building. Both officers entered with guns drawn. After clearing the building, the superior officer warned the rookie to NEVER spin his gun while clearing a building again. As it
  5. Hi, Grayrock with an "a." Unfortunately, I have no clue if Colt grips will fit. Maybe someone else will chime in with an answer. W.B.
  6. I had a pristine example of this particular Colt SAA clone, but like an idiot, I sold it. I'd love to find another. (Photo shows my previous one.) W.B.
  7. Howdy, pards. I just acquired this little beauty in a local trade, but I don't really need another 45LC revolver, so she's up for sale. Uberti 1873 SAA "Bonney" Birdshead 5.5" Blue / Case Colored in 45 Long Colt The condition is (as I was told) new and unfired. There's no turn ring on the cylinder, so I believe it. However, there's an ugly scuff mark on the underside of the trigger guard. (See Pic #4.) And the black plastic grips will need tweaking or replacement, since they're kinda cheap and a little too ill-fitting for my tastes. Still a very nice little
  8. Just to be clear, this sweet little rifle is 38 special only, correct? (Not 357-friendly.) W.B.
  9. UPDATE: This pistol is SOLD. Thank you to everyone who participated in this thread. W.B.
  10. Just to add some unnecessary confusion to the year of manufacture (LOL), the Colt website's serial number database shows this particular SN dated to 1973 (as originally advertised). However, I understand that the Colt collector handbooks give a different date (1974) for this serial number range, so who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ W.B.
  11. Thanks for the birth year, Joe! I've corrected the thread title. W.B.
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