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  1. Historically, yeah, but if you're already sporting 45 Colt in your revolvers, then a rifle in the same glorious caliber makes good sense, IMHO. And yes, the stock is amazing. It's the one factor that makes me hesitate when I think of selling the rifle. I'm not confident that I'll get lucky enough to find a similarly figured wood again, should I ever decide to buy another one. Oh, well. C'est la vie. W.B.
  2. Holy cow! I thought this was a $2400 rifle. I didn't check its MSRP ($2720) until AFTER I posted this sale price. That said, I'll still honor the price of only $1700 through the weekend. Come Monday, she's a sweet $2700 wall hanger / safe queen. W.B.
  3. The New Original 1860 Henry Rifle made by Henry USA. 45 Colt. Lifetime guarantee and impeccable customer service as always from Henry. I finally took this little beauty to the outdoor range and ran exactly 20 rounds through her. As expected, she shoots soft and sweet! Box, papers, etc. Beautifully figured wood. $2000 SOLD @ $1700 Payments are flexible — PayPal, Zelle, bank transfer, cryptocurrency, USPS money orders (max $500 per order, please), or cash (face-to-face) only. Free shipping from my FFL (City Arsenal in Greenville, SC) to your FFL. Please feel free to ask questions. Happiness guaranteed. W.B.
  4. Hi, Keokotah. Are you referring to these pistols? Regardless, thanks for reminding me to bump this thread. W.B.
  5. Thanks for asking, Josey Kidd. The barrel is 24.5" long. W.B.
  6. Oops! I forgot to add that I've lowered my asking price on this beautiful rifle to only $1800 with free shipping! W.B.
  7. She kicked, but it was wasn't anything unusual. Just your average 44 magnum kick. Now, out of this 12" barrel, the 44 magnum has a bit more power, but nothing uncomfortable. In fact, those 7 shots were all fired within 15 seconds total, so there wasn't alot of time wasted on the recoil. Honestly, I expected a lot more kick. Granted, without a stock and with its straight grip, I supposed that if one had sweaty hands, it may be hard to keep a solid grip. Then again, some custom checkering (or even some baseball bat tape) should minimize that problem. I'll play around with it more this Saturday, and I'll have the Vortex Venom red dot on it by then. Should be a hoot. W.B.
  8. I know my Puma Mares Leg was withdrawn, and instead of making a separate thread elsewhere on this forum, I thought that I'd post an update here for those who may be interested in these Mares Leg rifle/pistols. (However, I'm happy to start a new thread upon request.) I've always read that Mares Leg rifle/pistols were too unwieldy, awkward, and cumbersome to shoot accurately or effectively, even at the closer ranges. Well, this morning, I finally decided to test that claim for myself, so I took this Mares Leg to my outdoor range along with a box of Freedom Munitions 44 Magnum and Underwood Xtreme Penetrator 44 Magnum. Woohoo Howdy! Is this a fun range toy! This gun is an absolute giggle machine! Guaranteed to put a smile on even the grouchiest of faces. As for accuracy, I only tested this at the 21-feet lane, but from that distance, I put 7 out of 7 inside a 4" splatter sticker on my very first try. And that was with the tiny factory iron sights. Imagine when I install a mini red dot! (We'll find out next Saturday!) Oh, yeah. It's officially listed as a 5+1, but it's actually a 7+1 (Freedom Munitions) or 6+1 (Underwood), depending on the ammo. Honestly, I think this lovely little hand-rifle is my new bedroom defense tool (filled with 44 Specials). I've named her Rosalie. Regards, W.B.
  9. The rifle with the scope? You got it, Ethan. I'll PM you for/with all the little details. And yes, I do have the A&H Mountain Rifle listed there. Unfortunately, I can't list in-lines on that forum, so it's GunBroker for the Knight Mountaineer, or I keep it. Thanks again, everyone. Regards, W.B.
  10. Last chance on the Henry 1860 before she hits GunBroker tomorrow. W.B.
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