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Looking for Springfield Trapdoor

Buckshot Sheridan

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PM sent

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How about a RARE (SRC) Saddle Ring Carbine Trap-Door.........pretty spendy gun not often seen for sale......

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Cabela's in KCK had several yesterday.

1 Uberti and 3 originals, all Rifle versions.

Picked up one of the originals and it appears to be in good shape, action was tight, marking on stock appeared good, had some blue on the barrel, but was mostly a grey gun.

Know very little about these guns and have no idea of barrel condition.

They were asking $1250, may be high, again, I know little about these guns.

Just thought I would throw it out there.


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Just bought one from the above Tombstone Tactical.  1310.96.

Now to find 45-70 brass.


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