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  1. How about one of these....... Marlin 1895GBL "Guide Gun Big Loop" Hard to find these days.....
  2. Nobody wants this fine hard to find lever gun??? May consider part trade for a C&R qualified S&W Hand Ejector or other C&R handguns/rifles......PM me if you have something of interest?? Must be 50+ years old for me to use my C&R license. Will end this listing soon, don't miss out!
  3. ***WITHDRAWN - THANKS FOR LOOKING - WILL BE OFFERED ESLEWHERE*** Offering up this near mint condition Marlin 1895 GBL Has a hairline scratch on the magazine tube These are nearly impossible to find at stores or online except the occasional auction site and my asking price is lower than they appear to be selling for online. My price is only $1275 shipped to your FFL (Lower 48 only where legal to ship) I feel my price is fair given today's market and what has recently sold........ This will ship directly from me with photo copy of my d
  4. That is a very nice M1917...........if I did not already have one I would buy it!!! Price is right!!
  5. Relisting with ONE-TIME price reduction - DON'T MISS OUT!! Will give this a few days on the SASS site before moving to auction......Thanks for looking!
  6. There is one box of factory Winchester .25-35 at a local shop here in Prescott Valley, if you cannot find some I would guess he would ship. Getting even harder to find these old calibers as you know.
  7. Fantastic guns, I own a few.....and AWESOME caliber!! You guys better grab this one before I decide I need two in .308 LOL!!!!
  8. PM Sent.....thanks for the heads up.....I am purchasing ALL of them!!
  9. Offering up this gorgeous leather butt stock cover that fits the Marlin 1895 and similar This one has cartridge loops for .45-70 and is two-tone and for LEFT HANDED folks. Price is $150 shipped to your USPS flat rate - USPS Money Order or Friends/Family PayPal only for payment.
  10. Putting this one out there for your consideration for possible trade...... Would be interested in early Winchester or Marlin lever guns in 100% original condition with good shootable bore. Please PM me with your trade offer AND your email address so I can get photos of your trade offer. Your trade must be C&R qualified (50 years or older) so I can receive it directly without going through an FFL. These guns are getting harder to come by and I am seeing them sell for in the $1,300 range and higher.....when you can find them......one sold recently on GunBroker for nearly $1,600.
  11. Here ya go!! http://smith-wessonforum.com/accessories-misc-sale-trade/537329-custom-prop-rods.html
  12. Had this custom set of Giraffe Bone stocks made up for my early S&W Pre-27 by Jeff Ellis
  13. I was first made aware of Rudy Marek when I happened to come across one of my prized Smith & Wesson's that he engraved back in the 1950 timeframe. Yes, was a Master Engraver as you can see by the work on my 3.5" 1950 production S&W Pre-27 (1st year production)
  14. Thanks to all who have emailed me with offerings so far!! Will give this a few more days and then will hopefully secure what I am after. Regards, Tom (Ridge Walker)
  15. Here is one of my prized possessions......this rifle was built by the incredible Mr. Rudy Marek back in the early to mid 1950's Rudy hand built many exact replicas of historical US arms.....including cannons. He also owned many authentic originals. At one point Rudy was employed by Colt as an engraver. The rifle shown is a .40 caliber with 45" barrel and overall length of 63" it's a conversion gun.
  16. Please email me (NO PM's) with what you might have for sale to tomgraham01@msn.com Please do not post your offering on this thread.....thank you!
  17. I have a stash from this company......mine is the 2-6-92 blend and are in 9# ingot form......GREAT STUFF! http://nfmetals.com/bullet-metal/
  18. Current production wheel weights are not a good choice for bullet casting.
  19. Good evening, sent you a PM with my email address and payment information but have not heard back.

    Please check your PM's for that message and let me know that you received it and how you would like to pay??  PayPal would be much quicker and I would ship it on Monday if you paid over the weekend.


    Let me know, 


    Tom Graham (Ridge Walker)



    1. Slowaz Molasses

      Slowaz Molasses

      RW,you have been paid via paypal.

      my address is

      Arthur J. Gomez

      105 Spring Branch Road

      Waco, TX 76705



      Thanks, Slowaz

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