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  1. not gold as of 4pm  wednesday3/25/2020

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    2. Santa Fe Steve, SASS #57068

      Santa Fe Steve, SASS #57068

      I truly hope you recieve your money promptly.   I added $5.00 to the transaction to help pay for the shipping to make up for my errors.   Please accept my apology.



      SantaFe Steve (AKA Steve Sivard)

    3. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      got will mail thurs and send you tracking #



    4. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      package on stage


      tracking # 9505 5134 8422 0086 3001 84

  2. I believe the funds have been sent correctly at this time.   Shipping address is:

    Stephen Sivard

    112 Grove Street

    Lodi, Ohio 44254

    1. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      nothing yet


      paypal   rlluehr@yahoo.com


         name   Robert Luehr

  3. I tried to use pay pal (first time sending to private individual) and I messed it up.   I put in your e-mail address and then my name as recipient.   I have now canceled that transaction and hope to get it right this time.

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