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  1. I have only bought one gun through Davidson's and my experience was exceptional. I purchased an IAC "Cowboy" 97 through Davidsons that was shipped to a local dealer. When I got it home it was loaded with dummy rounds to check the action. Working the action the first round fed, the second round fed but the third fourth and fifth round dribbled out the loading opening. Tried it about 5 times with the same outcome and called the dealer where I picked it up from. He advised me to bring it to him the next day and he and his gunsmith (his son) would both check it. After both checked it they decided that it was a factory defect and should be returned to Davidsons. The dealer called Davidsons while I was there and they advised him it would be replaced and to ship it to them. I was called by the Dealer two days later who told me that he already received the replacement although he had not returned the defective one yet. I do not know if this is normal for Davidsons, but I was surprised by that quick of a turn around time to the dealer. I feel confident that inventory at their (Davidsons) level will directly affect their turn around time and I purchased this gun from them early on when these firearms first came available through them..
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