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Back Yard Shooting Range

Smoken D

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Due to circumstances beyond my belief, I have to sell my back yard shooting range. At the back of the home is a single garage door which opens to the yard where you can place targets up for pistol shooting. Inside that garage is where your reloading equipment goes. For long range shooting this is done off the deck where range can be from 100-200 yards. Then for really long range is a target set at 1,375 yards, according to my buffington sights on great-grandpa's Trapdoor. (And yes, I can hit it)

Now, what comes with this range you ask? A home, yes a beautiful home which by size is 3,188 sf of area with a 2 car garage. In the living room is a really nice fireplace and off the dinning room you can go into the 19x11.6 sun room. From there is decks on both sides. 2 nice size bedrooms with large closets. Then the beautiful master bedroom with French Door out onto the deck. Master bathroom has a shower. And get this guys, off the master bedroom through the master bath is a large laundry room! The entire home has 3 bathrooms. 2 upstairs and 1 downstairs which also has a shower. Half of the basement is finished and in this room is a supplement propane heating system. There is also a room which was set up for taking care of exotic birds where we had large cleaning sink along with small refrigerator. A very large storage room is also off this area. The second half of the basement is nearly 24x24' in size where I kept my safe, which will stay, and reloading equipment set up. I did have a large set up for woodworking in this area. The home is AC/Heated by a Trane XL 1800 where over the past year my electric bill average $113 a month. Being out in the country where located there is also a 10,000 watt generator with the home. ( never have had to use it )The home borders with Corps land full of turkey and deer. Just walk a few hundred yards, climb a tree, and get yourself a nice buck. Bow season in Missouri starts Sept. 15th and will end Jan. 15th. The firearm season runs in November. This home sits on a bluff over Truman Lake at the O-6 marker which is full of Bass, Crappie, Walleye, Catfish and only 1 mile from a boat ramp. If someone interested within the next few days before it goes through a real estate company I'll through in a 1988 20' Bass Tracker Bass Buggy Pontoon with a 1988 Johnson 60hp. There's lots more but this is the important info. So, how much for the range? For the few days till it goes on real estate market it's $270,000 PM if interested.






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15 hours ago, Three Foot Johnson said:

I found a map of the lake that puts the 0-6 marker here, but I couldn't match up a house on Google Earth with your pictures.



Go straight West on the other side of the lake. See that small cove? That's the place.



15 hours ago, Lawdog Dago Dom said:

What county is your home in?



Benton County, Missouri

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7 hours ago, Turkey Legs #48384 said:

How much land is there?



3 hours ago, Ivery Keys #11974 said:

same question, acreage?


My place is on a lot 120' x 180' up against a total of 960 acres of government land for hunting etc..


Sorry late seeing this.

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