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  1. Part #7 on the emf diagram. Sku PAGW0745ACP
  2. Not fluted. I don’t know the part number.
  3. I’m aware of Gunbroker. Thanks.
  4. As title states, looking to make a matched pair. Single NMBV looking for a life partner. Prefer a new model but old model would still work.
  5. 4x Glock 36 .45acp mags one with +2 grip extension. $pf shipped conus for all 4.
  6. Like new/unfired HOWA 1500 heavy barrel .308. Factory threaded. OR Remington 700 .308 heavy barrel with 3-9x scope (factory combo) $475ea shipped conus (except California/sorry not personal I just don’t have an Ffl willing to ship to california). I have two of the 700’s, one is spf and one is available. I also still have a Savage 10fp .308 heavy barrel for sale $450 if anyone is interested I can send more info and pics/I also have an old ad with that info. would consider trades (with cash on my end for any value discrepancy) for single action revolvers (sass and non sass) in 22, 327, 38, 357, 44, or 45 caliber, sxs 12g shotguns, or lever guns in the previously mentioned calibers.
  7. Fits any .45 caliber 1873 model EMF/Pietta manufactured revolver. $120 shipped conus
  8. Pre-Freedom Group Bushmaster M4 (meaning this is before remington bought them). Like New/ Unfired condition. $900 shipped (CONUS/sorry no California customers/even if it’s legal I don’t have an Ffl willing to ship there). willing to trade for cowboy action guns. Can add or accept cash for any value discrepancies. thanks for looking
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