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1897 Winchester Moderns

Col Del Rio

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OK. My ancient 1897 is getting more and more difficult to work on.  I am gonna finally bite the bullet (shell) and get a new reproduction 1897 pump. 

I know there are a great many outfits that sell tricked up versions.   I'd like to hear everyone's recommendations. 

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I've got two IAC's.   Well, one 93/97 and one Trenchgun.  Neither are SASS okay, but are good for Wild Bunch.  I find them both to be well made guns.  Even if they do have short barrels.


Of course, IAC's out of the game, so I can't compare them to others on the market.  [Or so I understand.]


Decent quality Winchesters can still be found for a reasonable price, so don't rule that option out.   And, if you are strange like me, it's the only way to get one with a long barrel. 



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No new 97s are being imported now.  The IAC versions to look for are the 06 or later years (serial # starts 06...)    Or the "cowboy" model which Coyote Cap felt is the best that he could get the Chinese factory to make - those have serial numbers "CB....."    I find I like my "06" guns as well as my "CB" gun.


Old Norincos are sometimes usable, sometimes not.   Tolerances and steel are not as good as the ones built from 2006 forward.  


Other manufacturers (there were a couple that have tried) - I avoid them like the plague they are,


Good luck, GJ

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You can still find original Winchesters at a good price. Unfortunately I think the "pandemic" cranked prices up. Last year they were four to five hundred dollar shotguns. Now they are at least 750. IAC/Norincos are going for the same. I can't say whether the price will drop after everything settles or not.


I just picked up a Cimarron 97 and it runs great, although I know I paid more than I wanted to for it.

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Seek out OUTLAW GAMBLER here on the Wire or in the Merchants Corner.   97's are his business.


There are top shooters who use the Winchester and there are top shooters who use the IAC.


I only use the IAC brand, of which a lot of us NON-Top shooters also use.   I have a couple 03's and 04's

of which have served me well.   I also have the CB models (2 of them)and they, in my opinion, are the

best made IAC 97's for Cowboy usage.


Again, give Outlaw Gambler a holler.   He might be your best bet.




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