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  1. ha... we elect the people that empower them - no need to complain until we fire their boss something something people something government they deserve something something
  2. look on the front of the current ATF form when you buy a gun - the ATF form itself form IS the national gun registry
  3. I still wear 'Chucks when I am just casually trotting about town in blue jeans...
  4. It's not a mystery - I'm just curious about exactly "how light" you have to go before the guns become unreliable. I've had a Glock and a 1911 that both had tuned triggers that were lighter than they came from the factory and still never had problems that could be isolated to inadequate firing pins strikes against the primer. I'm not stumped as to the causality - weak primer strikes - I get it. I just don't understand the trade off. When the mechanism is made so fast that it is no longer "completely" reliable - the mechanism is no longer "reliably fast" - my curiosity is "how light" are people going with regard to spring strength to make this such a wide spread and well known issue?
  5. Lets not pretend anymore - there were 81 million votes counted to enable that very tweet. There is no spoof or humor communicated in a message on social media that reads like that and anyone that wants to think otherwise is only fooling themselves. ...just my two cents - I could be wrong
  6. I've used Winchester, CCI, and Federal for CASS loads in my Ubertis, a Ruger, a S&W, a Marlin, and a Winchester and have never had any problems even with different powders, bullet weights, and charge weights. I've also used CCI and Federal in 9mm loads for non-CASS pistols - and never had any problems that could be isolated to any specific brand of primer. All of my guns are stock so I'm always surprised when I hear such a wide range of reliability issued based on primers.
  7. not until after this years elections....
  8. They aren't endangered - in fact, while they used to be indigenous to a small area in Connecticut, they have spread all the way to Wyoming...
  9. be well Bob - heres to it not getting beyond the hangover. stage DOL
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