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  1. I dont care which model they start with, I just want one. Because, guns.
  2. When I was 10 years old, 20% of my entire life had been spent trying to get through Kindergarten and the 1st Grade. I've only spent 18% of my life without OBL.
  3. People are going to die on their way to brunch. Some folks will make it to brunch only to die on their way home from brunch. Of COURSE people will die going to Mars - they are going to die on Mars and even on their way back from Mars. Some people are even going to die NOT going to Mars. Elon Musk is a smart guy, but it seems like surrendering to the idea that "people will die" during any human endeavor is a bit narrow focused from a guy that has proven to be quite the innovator. The possiblity of failure, no matter how high doesn't seem like a very broad vision to
  4. Touché - not by a long shot - but a ZO6 Corvette costs four times as much as my GTI and most of that 650 HP is just wasted on silly things like speed limits. I must admit - that V8 motor sure does pur like a kitty cat when you put your foot in it - my VW Bunny might be fast, but it sounds more like an angry sewing machine than a muscle car.
  5. I am a loyal fan of Chevy muscle cars and Ford pickup trucks. The sad part remains, that just like a modern pistol with premium ammo will dispatch bad guys far more effectively than any of the pistols that were being used to gun down villains in the wild west, my VW Turbo has more factory HP than most of the muscle cars that came out of Michigan during the Mid-1970's At the end of the day - the speed limit doesn't care how many horses are hiding under the hood of my Vee-Dub and six rounds from a .36 cap and ball pistol will kill you just as dead as a 20 round magazine of SXT's fr
  6. A continuing thought... Could someone use an Uberti Cattleman or Ruger Vaquero for personal defense? Absolutely. If it is chambered in ,357 Magnum the choices of high quality defensive ammunition are quite plentiful Could that same person use a SxS coach gun with exposed hammers for home protection? Absolutely. Could a Marlin 94 or a Winchester Model 66-73-92 chambered in any of their common calibers be used for home defense? Every day . In fact, with the right ammo you can put venison on the table with pretty much the same bullets
  7. Cousin Eddie cant be any worst than some of the other hucksters that managed to swindle their way into public office.
  8. I wouldn't buy titanium rubbers from Cheaper Than Dirt - even if each one they came packed with a pair of free hookers.
  9. I'd rather follow this thread for 3 more pages than watch five minutes of an 0zker presentation.
  10. Its funny because for a while people used to joke that the SXT in 'Ranger SXT' meant, Same X-act Thing Style over substance - its the world we live in.
  11. Interesting points. The suggestion that the name, type, or caliber of defense weapons wouldn't or couldn't be used effectively against a defendant is erroneous and dangerous to assume - look up Harold Fish and the way his prosecutor framed his use of a 10mm hollow-point instead of some less lethal less scary abomination. Try and recall the media frenzy over Black Talon bullets - sharp "talons" shredding vital organs as they spun through victims producing devastating wounds yad yada yada... even had doctors testifying that not only these bullets horrific - but they also increased
  12. ...this should turn out GREAT for gun owners given the marvelously consistent conservative right-leaning decisions they have been making over hte last few years
  13. crazy question - how much ammo would an out-of-towner need to bring to shoot through a state match like this one ??
  14. reference those bags of nails - they also put nails for all four walls in those bags
  15. So - I have a couple questions for the forum.... What new movies came out during the height of a global pandemic that would be considered for an award? How did these denizens of American society produce a movie while following stay at home orders, mask mandates, and social distancing? Asking for a friend.
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