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  1. If 'ammo conservation' became a match concern, I'd rather drop from six stages to five instead of shooting watered down stages. YMMV
  2. What would the compatibility be? At the low power charges used for CAS does it really matter that much? I've only used Win-209 primers but those are now just a memory for now. All I have left is a couple cards of CCI-209 and a couple cards of CCI-109 primers. I'd never even heard of CC1-109 before getting them from a buddy who doesn't reload any more. Looking at load data charts from Hogdons, the CCI primers create lower pressure in like loads using the same wad and shot load so I dont think there should be much concern - but I am hesitant to reload the CCI-109 primers into the same recipe that I've been using since I haven't found any reloading data that mentions 109 primers. They look the same as 209 primers just in a slightly different colored box.
  3. during that same period, Bruce would have been cracking his neckand doing his obligatory pre-ass kicking footwork - Chuck would have been busy flexing his pecs - Daniel San had pleeeenty of time
  4. If do right, no can defend - Daniel-San mind not right - no did execute correctly. When he was in his prime Mr Miyagi was asked if he was a fan of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris movies; Mr Miyagi's humble answer was, "Who are they?"
  5. The 2020 doll looks like House Drinker Pelosi
  6. ScotchTape and Soda Virgin Cuba Libre Jacksons Coke
  7. Sworn in on Hillary Clinton's birthday by Justice Thomas - who also gained confirmation in a partisan 52-48 vote Right after being harassed and savaged by the ranking democrat on the senate judiciary committee... ...Senator Joe Biden
  8. Are the single triggers less reliable or is it just a preference?
  9. The Desert Eagle .50 that "Agent Smith" carried sure did seem to lend itself to concealed-carry quite well for a gun of its size...
  10. brought to you by the party of tolerance and inclusion
  11. I'm disappointed that so many people are assuming gender.
  12. I'm frustrated at the shortage - but a part of my heart smiles that people across America are rekindling their relationship with the second amendment. They are seeing that it isn't just about duck hunting or shooting clay pigeons. People all over are starting to notice that the person with primary responsibility for a safe and secure environment is the individual. not the government not the police the last six month have proven that neither are best suited to care for the individual. I dont want to be "low" any more than the next cowpoke - but I'm glad people are starting to sit up and take notice. Hopefully it isnt too little too late.
  13. What have those snakes ever done to you ??
  14. Does anyone even build "new" 97's ??
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