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  1. My Cowboy Coach gun is actually a "blast" to shoot as long as I keep feeding it low recoil food - it always puts a smile on my face.
  2. Incrementalism - anti-gunners have mastered the art. If they cant physically take them away, they will legislate away your ability to enjoy them. AR15's are just the "Saturday Night Specials" of the 1960's. Sadly, there are no real progun champions in our government. There are plenty of grandstanders - but none that are truly willing to champion gun ownership. meanwhile - lets legalize some recreational drugs and then use taxpayer funded health care to pay for the consequences - thats a lot better than private gun ownership. "Brave New world" by Aldous Huxley is looking a lot more like a prophesy than a work of fiction.
  3. Interpretation has a lot to do with rules that are not clearly codified in writing. I'm still new - I ask a lot of questions and sometimes my question is "why" - as someone who doesn't know "why" In all of the pictures so far in this thread - the only "legal" belt looks to me like the one that most stretches the intent of the rules. The over/under belt looks like a porcupine of shotgun shells - and it is perfectly legal. I'm certain that at some point the "why" is always meant to prevent abusing the rules to create an advantage. All rules books tend to lean towards "arbitrary" to a small degree because not every single situation can be legislated in writing. Sometimes a rule needs to be interpreted but in the end, rule are rules. Sometimes the only two options to a fuzzy rule are: 1) Accept interpretations from the governing body when they come up 2) Find an alternative shooting sport.
  4. Sounds like a worst of both worlds. The AA's are the lightest factory loads I can find - but everyone is saying they suck. I have had some stick when shucking but have only had to pull them by hand a few times. I didn't think much of it since I have not had any work done to the gun (Stoeger Coach). Overall, I haven't had any real problems yet and I am certain that what little bit of "sticking" that I get now will improve if and when I take the gun in for some Cowboy work. I shot a few boxes of Federal "Metro" loads but they stuck and often had to be pulled out by hand. I gave up on the Metro's since they my gun doesn't seen to like them. I am new at the shell reloading game so I am going to keep with the AA's since I have a paint bucket full and don't want to spend money buying another paint bucket full of something else. I do think I will start trashing the ones that stick instead of keeping them for reloading.
  5. I understand - but the handbook doesn't say anything about belt buckles either. Maybe there is just room for interpretation in the wording of "Ammo loops must conform to the shooters contour" The handbook also says only one row of shell loops is permissible but I have seen a few two row setups that pull from the top and from the bottom. Some folks will always look for a way to stretch the rules.
  6. I've seen a few folks wear slides in the front like that - I had no idea the rules interpretation considered wearing a slide in the front as illegal by routing it across the belt buckle. Obvious attempts to block or "pad" the natural contour of the slide to gain an advantage are pretty clear infractions but the photo of the slide across the belt buckle looks pretty innocuous. Is it "always" wrong to wear a slide over the belt buckle or is it a judgement call based on how much the shells are protruding? always learning
  7. I certainly do agree that consistent bullet performance is more important that chasing lighter felt recoil simply for the sake of lower felt recoil. It is one of the reasons I only bought a sample-pack of the 105's - just to see if the juice is worth the squeeze. Bullets going bang when I pull the trigger and impacting where the gun was aiming when I dented the primer is far more important to me than felt recoil or trigger weight. Most of my shooting over my life has been with service grade ammo or reloads that are intentionally hot enough to "make major" so loading for less recoil is a really new concept for me. My current curiosity is mostly a by-product of listening to others talk about what cowboy shooting should "look like." So I am just testing the water right now - first with the 105's and when I run out of Clays, I'll try it again with Trail Boss. I've heard folks bash Trail Boss because its sooo dirty and you only get 9 oz in a one pound jar but I've also heard folk stalk like Trail Boss is the best thing since Nelson King's loading gate. I try to take it all with a grain of salt because in the short time that I have been in the sport, I have heard countless folks talking about going outside of published load data to get lighter loadings, using springs so light that the gun becomes dependent on specific reloading components, and the desire to remove or deactivate factory installed safeties in the name of a few tenths of a second faster time on a stage. I'm sure the truth about Trail Boss and 105's for light recoil CAS loads is somewhere between those two extremes. If Trail Boss powder provides less recoil and the same or better accuracy at the cost of a little more residue - at the end of the day - I am ok with that as as long as shooting in one CAS match doesn't turn a clean gun into something that looks like a poorly maintained truck-gun. On the other hand, if recoil is so light that I need to load multiple bullet weights to knock down targets - well, it sort of sinks the whole concept of "one round for multiple guns" and I'll go back to using Clays and 125's. The load that I have worked out for these 105's shows promise - so far the accuracy of the test batch is consistent and they grouped as well as the other loads that I have been shooting. The proof in the pudding will be seeing how they perform when they are on the clock.
  8. Littering l'otters that loiter after they loot are not afraid of empty threats - in fact, it is well known that littering l'otters that loiter after they loot are more than ready to shot back
  9. The wz29 marking could certainly identify it as a Polish Mauser. If it is a sporterized wz29 then it probably shoots an 8mm Mauser unless it was re-chambered.
  10. I am actually planning to hold back on a handful of 125's just in case. I'll give the 105's a fair chance because even factory loads will leave one standing every now and again if it is not a good hit. If I see a pattern developing when even after a GOOD hit, all I get is disappointment from an anemic 105 round - I'll go back to just shooting all 125's. My initial impressions with the 105 load I am using is that there isn't enough recoil reduction to justify the risk of a failure on a reactive target or the need to produce multiple match loads to successfully engage all of the targets. Seems promising- we will see.
  11. I have never used 105gr bullets in a match - for that matter, I havent reloaded with Trail Boss either but it sounds like using them with Trail Boss would produce some pretty soft shooting loads. I have only been in the game for a year so I have only shot about a dozen matches so far - I try to see what others are doing and I am always learning. My ammo habits have changed quickly: I did my first couple of matches with store bought 158 LSWC in my pistols and revolvers - then I went to bulk purchasing 125 grain cowboy loads from on-line suppliers - and then I started reloading my own. I have shot two matches with my own reloads using 125's and just loaded up a small batch of 105's (sample pack - so not even enough for a whole match) so I am wondering - of those that are shooting 105's now - do you think it makes a noticeable difference? I test fired a few form the first batch and they seemed to do well - feeding was smooth and grouping seemed pretty good - I just didn't feel like there was a big difference in felt recoil dropping down to the 105's. I have been using Clay's for all of my reloads so far because it was available locally at a good price - I get good results and when this bottle is empty, I am going to try some Trail Boss to see if it is worth the change... I'll get a better feel when I shoot them in my next match - I am wondering if there are some old-timer secrets to getting better CAS performance out of the 105's -
  12. I'm just glad that the vitals on a deer aren't diamond shaped - lord knows hunters everywhere would be reduced to tears in frustration. Thank the good lord that them al-kay-da's aren't shaped funny or we would NEVER finish shooting them all. Besides - who ever saw a diamond shaped al-kay-da terrist?
  13. ....so its settled Car doors at 5 yards is optimum
  14. I'm just tickled at the idea that an organization that wastes colossal amounts of rubber and declares a winner as the person that pours fossil fuel exhaust fumes into the environment faster than the other competitors. ...if they were mandating clean cars or pushing for a shift to electric race cars - maybe I'd respect the sudden shift to NASJWCAR wokeness I'm not sad to say I never found joy in watching cars drive in a circle anyway. It would be good to hear NASJWCAR's position on a gradual shift to fighting climate change.
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