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  1. I just want to see a Marlin SASS rifle that matches their Vaquero SASS pistols - any caliber will do.
  2. There is still a LOT of anti-gun politics between now and a gun being manufactured at the end of this year.
  3. I think a full-time rim fire "clause" would be great. I'd pay TWO match fees so I could shoot my regular match guns AND a set of 22's ...if I had a set of 22's
  4. My wife got me watching a week ago - catching them 'On-Demand' via DirecTV - while she was partway through season 2. She had recently binge watched season 1 so when I went back to watch season one to catch up with her - DirecTV had already deleted her recordings from season one because they are now "Pay Per View" episodes. at 2.99 a shot. I tried to watch the rest of season 2 on demand and that had also been deleted by directv as "no longer purchasable" Trying to rewatch episodes that we had already watched would now cost 2.99 a shot - so my stance is now "Nope"
  5. I've seen people selling crappy Tulammo primers for 225 a case. Cant afford a hobby that takes that much of my sarsaparilla money.
  6. This just in............... DONT use super glue as a lubricant. DONT eat the big white mint.
  7. Saw TulAmmo small pistol primers at a gun show - for $225 a case - I didn't want to be a hoarder so I did the right thing and decide not to buy ANYTHING from that vendor.
  8. I enjoy cowboy ACTION shooting. I imagine I would also enjoy cowboy PRECISION shooting if it came to a nearby range. Would I like to occasionally shoot my rifle a bit further - sure - but why - there are other shooting sports as well as side matches for that type of shooting. Would I like to pretend I was John T. Chance shooting a stick of dynamite from the other side of the ranch? ...sure - but I'd rather just do a single-shot-reload at a 25 meter target for a stage bonus I don't really want to spend an entire match taking well aimed shots at teeny targets at e
  9. well... we do have a lot of consumer products with warnings to keep people safe from themselves baby strollers with warnings to "remove child before folding" wheelbarrows that remind you they are not for highway use buy a sun shield for your car - you'll find that most of them have a warning NOT to operate your car with the sun-shield in place rat poison reminds you that their product causes cancer in laboratory mice dont allow children to play in the dishwasher dont iron clothes while you are still wearing them fishing hooks are harmful if swallowed
  10. its just money - make the "rich" people pay more taxes and we'll all be just fine
  11. so - how does an employer collect payroll taxes from an illegal alien that is enjoying preferential hiring treatment?
  12. havent seen one of those in a looong time
  13. I figure if two masks will bump it to 90% then three masks will bump it a little higher - I'm going to go with FOUR masks so that I will be mathematically immortal. Maybe five to be sure, but six masks would just be silly.
  14. How much does the brass cost ? How many times can you expect to reload them ? Can you use smokeless as well as BP ? What kind of primers do they take ? Asking for a friend.
  15. Rising prices, rampant inflation, and lost jobs are all good signs of progress if you are on the side of a universal income and free health care. Utopia isn't free folks - we all have to be forced to do our part.
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