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  1. EXACTLY The good thing about the 'four-click' Glocks is that you can shoot 8mm Black Talon hollow point bullets in them - by shooting 8mm bullets it allows you to fit an extra bullet in the factory 10 round magazine... ...fools the shit out of bad guys during a gun fight Bad Guy counting shots during a gun fight: 7-8-9-10 - the good guy is out of bullets time to make my move Good Guy Shooting 8mm Bullets in his 4-Click Glock: 7-8-9-10........... 11 HAHA bad guy - 8mm bullets in a factory mag makes room for a spare bullet YOU LOSE
  2. Glocks are best carried with those first two rounds in the chamber and a spare clip full in the magazine well. Most professionals will rack the slide to make sure that the bad guy knows they mean business - rookies will usually rack the slide because they forget that there are already two rounds in the chamber... Not mentioned in that book is that most former military guys (mostly the ones that did a bunch of top secret black-ops) will carry their Glocks with the hammer down on a live round and the safety button disengaged to save time - that way all they have to do is draw and pull the trigger. I'm not sure how I feel about Glocks that have been converted to fully semiautomatic - I don't know why anyone would need a semiautomatic assault weapon made of plastic. Waaaay too dangerous for the average citizen !!!
  3. I've shot a few clean matches and still placed lower than folks with 3,4, and even 5 misses. Not complaining - I dont "practice" and dont "try" to shoot fast. I just enjoy shooting cowboy guns - but there is something to be said for the possibility that you CAN miss fast enough to win in this sport.
  4. On the subject of primers - I have heard people complain about CCI and Winchester primers feeding in a Dillon Press - I've heard there are problems with Federals in a Lee press - I've heard that a few years back Dillon also recommended against Federal primers. Has anyone had problems with YOUR setup mixing these primer/press combinations ?? It seems like everyone has a "friend" with a problem but it is hard to get an honest "This is what happened to me and this is why" story. It would seem like an honest to goodness problem would be well documented by the Press-Manufacturer or possibly even an industry response from Primer-Manufacturers that offer legitimate tech insight but the best I can find is blanket comments amount incompatibility or liability. Sensitivity seems like a no-brainer. If you put light springs in a firearm, it might not set off the primer. Easy enough to understand. If your primers are TOO sensitive, then wouldn't that equate to what is possibly a dangerous situation when those primers are stacked on top of each other in the mag-tube of a lever action rifle? I'm always looking to learn the "why" of problems like these.....
  5. Utah Bob - I hope the warmer weather presents you with a place closer to home so you can keep shooting. I haven't sat down to consider how far is "too far" to drive for a cowboy match but it is certainly something to consider. DOL
  6. ...they should also have an extra backstrap
  7. "SOME" coffee I haven't seen you in a while - lets grab some coffee. Lets negotiate a sale price over some coffee. ...that was one hell of a saloon brawl last night - I need some coffee
  8. ...will the surviving families of DUI victims be able to sue General Motors after this debacle has been settled ? What a shit show our national debate has become.
  9. I shoot a bone-stock Stoeger Coach gun and recoil as a comfort issue isn't a big deal - I am only looking for recoil reduction as a way of speeding up recovery for that second shot. Are the store bought recoil reducers noticeably more effective than just pouring lead shot into the bolt-hole of the stock? Unless recoil reduction is an absolute imperative, it doesn't seem like the "juice" in a store bought recoil reducer is worth the "squeeze" - that lead shot trick sounds pretty worthwhile. A lace-up stock cover with a layer of sorbothane inside also seems like a relatively inexpensive reduction method.
  10. There is a special award for MPC's that are injured in combat - it is worn around their neck - its called a Purple Hartz
  11. 8.45 seconds for a 24 shot course of fire - that's a split of 0.35 seconds per shot. ...not counting the time spent grounding a rifle, drawing and holstering one pistol, drawing a second pistol, and then putting the bow on the package by securing, loading, and reloading a double barreled shotgun. The speed displayed in that video is not the only thing that needs to be considered - every time you heard a gunshot - you heard an impact on steel. Personally - I could not discharge my firearms that fast if my target was the size of a cardinal direction. - Point the gun east and shoot fast boy, ready - go - Sorry Paw, I missed He didn't just shoot 24 rounds from four different fire arms in 8.45 seconds with a reload - he did it ACCURATELY. How many people can shoot 24 rounds from four different fire arms in in twice that amount time ? ...and how many of those can do it clean ?? That run is done so fast that it almost looks fabricated - I shoot at a speed that ALSO looks fabricated but I promise, my best effort only LOOKS like I am moving in slow motion. I'd really like to see Jerry Miculek do that same run using his AR15, S&W M&P, and Mossberg 930 just to see the differences in splits. I'd like to see it done like this: -10 rounds from the AR15 -5 rounds from the pistol - mag change and the last 5 pistol rounds -Shotgun staged unloaded - four shells loaded any way you wish - one at a time or all 4 at once And for the love of god and firearms - stop putting these videos on YouTube - the antigunners will see one and demand that we outlaw fully-semi-automiatic assault lever action rifles with 10 round tube clips.
  12. That article made me feel woke. It sounds more like another excuse to raise at eyebrow against shooting in the holy name of climate change and environmental hatred. So woke that on my way home today, I am going to stop and buy a six pack of sugary soft drinks in plastic bottles and then throw throw the plastic rings and bottle right in the garbage. ...then I'm going to eat meat, dairy, and gluten for dinner
  13. Keith Richards doesn't need botox - In fact, I think botox gets Keith Richards injections
  14. So I am going with the take away that sending a race ready gun to the manufacturer is a recipe for disaster.
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