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  1. They have been legislating from the bench for a couple of decades now...
  2. Recovering from injury and disease is part of the human condition. Recovering your rights, once surrendered, is much more difficult.
  3. They've been making hotdogs out of Lips and Buttholes for a godawful long time... ...a few "L&B" burgers won't kill anybody. Thats why God invented condiments - to mask the flavor of cheap meat.
  4. Quite a few of his old school movies on STARZ Encore Westerns....
  5. They are not social distancing. Unsat
  6. Good. Few things would be worse than another anti-gun activist in charge of the Bureau of Guns, Whiskey, and Cigarettes.
  7. experts? Were these experts not watching the news when Baltimore decided that it was best to let protesters vent their energy? Some of these experts must have been at the library doing research when St Louis erupted AGAIN in 2017. These same experts must have been playing dungeons and dragons instead of watching the news when UC Berkley rioted because free speech doesn't apply to people Milo Yiannopoulos. Oakland - Ferguson - Chicago - maybe they forgot about the idiot driving his car through a "peaceful" protest. I mean, seriously - what is the author thinking... “mass civil unrest” is an ever present possibility due to Americans sharing a “deep independent streak that believes the government is a nice-to-have not a must-have.” ...does the Unites States Studies Centre have access to any history books? They should read about the 1770's to get a better feel for that curiously inconvenient "independent streak" that we Americans seem to be cursed with. They should also check out the cautionary tale that WAS the 1860's. Mr Brown clearly doesnt understand the essence of American freedoms... Brown said he had friends on Capitol Hill who were very worried about mass social disorder and a “gun battle on the streets.” ...that is one of the happiest anecdotes that has come out of DC in a coon's age. A government SHOULD be afraid of their citizens. A government that doesn't fear the populace isn't governing - the are RULING - and I don't think enough Americans understand that. Clearly Mr Browns friends on Capitol Hill aren't up to speed on their Civics. It doesnt help that the author used to pen conspiracy bits for InfoWars before he introduced his crazy to Summit News. I'm just amazed that it took the experts at the Unites States Studies Centre to forecast that something might be brewing. A few circus monkeys could have figured that out while throwing their poo at bystanders.
  8. Keep in mind - presidents appoint judges. Even if people don't think President Trumps is "presidential enough" for their tastes - Joe Biden will NOT appoint judges that will balance the 9th Circus Court of Unreals. ...choose wisely
  9. haircut hypocrit ...easy words to confuse when you are part of the entitled class
  10. Cant remember the web site but another story was that Yakima Canutt told the Duke "thats how the old timers used to do it" and so Wayne started doing it
  11. Sell the Henry Give me the Marlin
  12. Loads on my computer as a paid subscription site....
  13. what about chamber flags? if you are moving the cart and have chamber flags in the shotgun with the breech closed, will that cause an outbreak of the unsafety-virus ?
  14. In no particular order... Rio Bravo True Grit Sands of Iwo Jima The Green Berets The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence Honorable mentions for: The Cowboys North to Alaska The Shootist The Searchers Red River
  15. Actually never saw 'The Conqueror' but I did see "Riders of Destiny" a 1933 "singing cowboy:" movie ...with John Wayne ...singing ...but not actually John Wayne singing - his singing was dubbed It wasnt even that good of a 'dub' - it looked and sounded more like the voice over form an old Kung-Fu movie. The premise was typical western - evil land baron openly uses his money and power to exploit the poor oppressed locals - in comes the tall dark stranger to save the day. The singing cowboy angle was horrendous - and before one gunfight he started singing about streets covered in blood. On the up side, it did have Gabby Hayes. Nonsense ....I liked El Dorado but then again, I liked Rio Bravo. El Dorado was just a rebooted Rio Bravo with a few gags tossed in. The sheriff limping on different legs during different scenes - the movie starting out with Robert Mitchum carrying a gun "he copied": from John Wayne. I liked Rio Bravo that I am obligated to like El Dorado which sort of means I have to like Rio Lobo as well... especially since Robert Mitchums kids was in Rio Lobo
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