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  1. I'd have stocked up on primers, powder, and projectiles. There isn't a thing wrong with any of my guns - but they need fuel to run.
  2. guns are ok when they are in a movie for profit TV is "free" which is why so much virtue signaling is on the small screen, Here's the real question - it is still ok for Bugs Bunny to dress up like a girl Bunny ???
  3. I think the land-o-lakes butter is the best... The Indian Girl is gone and in her place are the words, "Farmer Owned" The woke corporate marketers are so unaware and so driven by virtue signaling that their stupidity consistently shines through. The Indian Woman from the land of the lakes has been driven away by farmers again
  4. You're probably correct, but the continuous stream of headlines like this seem to demonstrate ideas, attitudes, and activities that follow the dominant social trends in opinion, fashion, culture, and political rhetoric
  5. The Army had better not say one word after the shenanigans they have been playing with the PT test over the last few years
  6. buying primers is like bayonet fighting - the quick and the dead
  7. aaaand out of stock no backorder - tried to add them to my cat - no joy
  8. Fox IS part of the mainstream... just sayin'
  9. Some facts I've learned from following the 'Wire... -Sometimes "its just a fun game" and definitely NOT a competition until people refer to the fun game as 'practice' and then suddenly its a serious competition with serious people expending serious effort. -Someone is a gamer if they do certain things to increase their speed at the monthly game that isn't a match - BUT - they are a savvy competitor if they do those very SAME things at the same fun event that is also a serious competition ran by serious shooters - BUT - only if they do them faster with a more heavily modified
  10. Subway is really knocking it out of the park... They hired a pedophile as a spokesman. Then we found out that their footlong subs were NOT a foot long. They took heat for making their bread out of yoga mats Their tuna sandwiches are apparently NOT made out of tuna. ...I've got a sneaking suspicion that their Italian BMT isn't from Italy.
  11. Makes perfect sense to me. However, I have had a few thoughts while followiong this thread... - "19" is only half of "19-11" - The 1911 can be found in 9, 10, 22, 38, 45 without having to change the name of the gun. - Dang near anybody can manufacture a 1911: A&R Sales Accuracy X A.J. Savage (US gov't contract 1919, made slides only) Alchemy Custom Weaponry American Classic American Tactical AMT Armi Dallera Custom (ADC) Armscor Arsenal Firearms (maker of a unique double-barreled 1911) Astra ATI Australian Precision Arms Auto Ordnance Br
  12. I dont think there are 5000 primers for sale in the entire county I live in.
  13. Once you add decent sights that don't break because the factory ones are cheap plastic, a much needed trigger job, some sort of grip treatment or sleeve to improve the ergonomics, an improved mag release button, OEM magazines that drop clear during rapid reloads with partially full magazines, a match grade barrel to replace to the factory polygonal rifling that fouls VERY quick with lead bullets, and you manage to get over the fact that using reloaded, remanufactured, or handloaded ammunition may void your warranty - you will find yourself in possession of a pistol that epitomizes the moniker
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