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  1. So - beating your chicken will cook it ??? What would we call such a dish ?? Baked? Roasted? Broiled? 23,000 slaps is a lot of beating - using deductive reasoning it is reasonable to say that vegans do not beat their meat.
  2. Always find good stuff on threads like these. Is there any good advice for finding 'GOOD" re-loadable shot ?? I've gotten used to shooting #8 so I am looking for some recommendations on where others are currently going to resupply good quality shot that works well for CAS shotguns.
  3. Is it just me - or is it a coincidence that Bernie Sanders and Larry Fine have the same hairdo? Six "stooges" Two of them, different from the others... ...two women / two Stooges named curly?? ...just sayin
  4. The curve in the water line on the ocean is just like a glass of water filled past the top... ...its just the waters "skin" that makes it look curved. Besides, if the earth was round, he would have landed BEHIND the camera - but the earth is flat so he landed in FRONT of the camera. I supposed the next thing people will start to suggest is that pro wrestling isn't real !!! Don't you people even physics? Play stupid games - Win stupid prizes.
  5. ...get that little TV that works off of that larger TV that doesn't work anymore ...did you guys watch "The Connors" last night ...is that gluten free ...I'm going to go with the eggshell lace draperies ...we should ban sugary drinks ...the Pledge of Allegiance has no educational value and is “reminiscent of totalitarian US regimes and colonialism.” ...I donated campaign money to politicians that were best friends with Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein ...you didnt build that
  6. I think the Joker used one of those to shoot down the 'Bat-Wing' a few years back..........
  7. I don’t really follow sportsball anymore – too much scandal and too many excuses for why multimillionaires get away with all sorts of questionable behavior as a matter of habit. We have men winning women’s weightlifting and endurance biking events, asterisks on record setting home run balls; rapists treated like heroes, druggies treated like they are victims, wife-beaters treated like it’s all just a big misunderstanding… …yet, people just keep throwing money at their feet and doubling down on the hero worship. Performance enhancing drugs, point shaving, on-field activism, overt cheating scandals, and just plain watching multimillionaires behaving like shitty people gives me very little cause to spend any of my time or resources on the national tragedy known as professional sportsball. The institutionally acceptable shenanigans of professional sportsball has desensitized the entire US public to the point where shenanigans are found at every single level of organized (and at the same time -DISorganized) sportsball. I don’t even like watching youth sports anymore – because the soccer mom that makes the best cupcakes you’ve ever tasted will rip your heart out for calling that high fastball a strike. The soft-spoken dad with the awesome beer-brat recipe starts foaming at the mouth when his kid is caught stealing and both parents need to be restrained when their darling is pulled off the pitcher’s mound because he can’t find the strike zone. It's gotten so nuts that parents are going to jail for spending a half million dollars FAKING youth sports records to get their kid into a school that only charges 300,000 dollars for a degree. Even college kids that are getting a FREE education worth anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 per year are complaining that they should be allowed to score a few dollars’ worth of endorsements for wearing the right type of Reebok sneakers. They get a free education and a few years of celebrity attention but they also need to get paid for having their image associated with the right color scheme and T-Shirt manufacturer. I try real hard to feign interest, but if you don’t pay close attention to the cast iron skillet, your bacon will not come out perfect... ...and that perfect combination of chewy/crispy in a thick strip of bacon is far more important to me than ‘SportsBall’
  8. I am both proud and disappointed in myself... Proud because it was almost a full day before I even realized that 'the ozkers' had transpired... ...disappointed because I bothered to watch a news report of the "Joker" preaching that we steal milk from cows just so we can pour it in our coffee and cereal. We are supposed to be better than that - that cow produced that milk for her baby - the baby that we took from her - I just hope that nobody tells him that her baby was........ ...delicious
  9. A bronze oak-leaf cluster device is added for subsequent awards. A silver oak leaf cluster denotes five awards. (A sliver oak-leaf cluster and three bronze oak leaf clusters would denote 8 total awards) You only wear one "V" device, so on a Bronze Star or ARCOM/"V" you could have numerous award for valor AND service but only wear a single "V" device. Some awards (campaign medals for example) use a small star to denote multiple awards. In the Army some awards (Overseas Service Medal or Air Medal for example) use numerals to denote multiple awards. The Good Conduct Medal uses "knots" to show subsequent awards (bronze up to 5, silver up to 10, and gold for 11 or more)
  10. I always liked the killer monkey... Out jumped a monkey from the coconut grove he's a mean mutherf#4%r you could tell by his clothes Wearing ripstop cammies and a green beret You knew he would go all the way
  11. "Shall Not Be Infringed" ...I'm Kahlifornya and I approve this message
  12. ...all of my guns fell over board and sank into the ocean in a bizarre deep-sea fishing accidnent
  13. Is 38 Long colt worthwhile as a CAS round or is it better to just stick with 38 Special?
  14. "If" you shift your point of observation TO either spaceship - you would then be moving at the speed of light in a given direction, observing an object that is also moving at the speed of light in the OPPOSITE direction. Purely from a 'point of observation' context - the ship you are viewing would be then be moving away from you at two times the speed of light.
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