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  1. I'm just tickled at the idea that an organization that wastes colossal amounts of rubber and declares a winner as the person that pours fossil fuel exhaust fumes into the environment faster than the other competitors. ...if they were mandating clean cars or pushing for a shift to electric race cars - maybe I'd respect the sudden shift to NASJWCAR wokeness I'm not sad to say I never found joy in watching cars drive in a circle anyway. It would be good to hear NASJWCAR's position on a gradual shift to fighting climate change.
  2. Not a NASCAR fan but I wish I was so it would matter when I threatened to stop watching. but I'm not- watching NASCAR is so boring that I would rather sit outside in the driveway using a magnifying glass to burn off my toenails. for what its worth, the Gander Outdoors in my area still sells scary looking guns AND scary looking magazines
  3. I looked into my cash reserves and I can only go as high as 49.95
  4. Every competition that I shoot in is practice for the next competition.....
  5. Yes - Academy Sports + Outdoors I never did very well in the spelling beas when I was a kidd
  6. Nature continues to laugh at the human race and our collective arrogance.
  7. Dicks is soooo full of shit in this venture - its really just a way of trying to 'manage their image. Many of the Dicks that I have seen are now open bay stores combined with 'Field and stream' ...not the Magazine Field and Stream - Field and Stream the magazine and Field and stream the dicks are two different folks. "Dicks" is spotlighting their desire to get out of ALL gun business but they are not. They are just rebranding their gun sales in the other half of the store and putting "Field and Stream" on your receipt. All the while paying lobbyists to rally against private gun ownership in america. For those that want to boycotts a sporting goods chain because they are Dicks - you should make sure you dont shop and Field and Stream either - because they are Dicks too. Academi might not be any better depending on who you talk to- but they still sell things I want to buy. I dont mind paying a little more for something at Academi simply because they arent Dicks. Even better - stay away from big-box stores all together and buy from local vendors.
  8. Its all fun and games until you get hit with a blast from an Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator Make jokes now - while you can - if Marvin doesn't get us with his space modulator, The Colossal God of Chaos (aka 99942 Apophis) just might. For that matter - maybe 'The Colossal God of Chaos' is just a big giant spaceship
  9. I think price point is an important part of "first cowboy gun" selection. A decent marlin in 357 wont set you back as much as an Uberti or a Winchester and if you decide that cowboy shooting ain't your thing - you can always stick an inexpensive 4x38 scope on it and use it to shoot critters. If you decide 'in for a penny in for a pound' then you can get that Marlin slicked up and BAM now you have a sweet rifle for B-Western. If you LOVE it and stick around - you'll surely end buying adding additional "tools" for the trade.
  10. I am going to get a set of shotguns this year just to wear during the colder winter months.
  11. Ha - I live in a cul de sac in the waaaay back side of my neighborhood and get hassled by the HOA on a routine basis. I like to go to the "meetings" and raise my hand to ask "why" I got a notice - and then I go about naming addresses of all the folks that are "officers" that have unauthorized dogs as well as cars, boats, sheds, and trailers in their yards - all of which "live on the main drag" that have gone for months and years without moving these "offensive" items Then I show my ass and ask why if THEY are able to overtly disregard rules when they are on the busiest part of the neighborhood - why am I being hassled for a fallen limb or failure to "trim my grass" within 48 hours of a storm or week long rain. Then one of my neighbors jumps on and calls out some of the same "board members" for the same reasons. ...which usually just means we will get a few more petty threats about liens and fines in our mailbox over the next week or so. But DAMN it is sooooo much fun calling them out as hypocrites at the kangaroo court meetings that they hold. I think there are folks that come just to see the finger pointing that goes on at these meetings because of the level of entertainment it provides. The only redeeming quality is that two of my three closest neighbor enjoy each others company. On 4th of July and New Years eve we absolutely REJOICE in inviting a few of these assholes to our "celebratory BBQ" - one day, maybe they will show up. I'll be retiring/moving soon and will live in an old refrigerator box under a bridge on the bad side of town before I'll EVER buy into another HOA
  12. The blanks look pretty cool - I just dont have the tools or talent to turn the slabs into a set of grips.
  13. I have a pair of Uberti Cattleman pistols; they both have standard wood grips but the color of the wood is noticeably different. I am looking to buy a matching set of grips for the guns because - well, because looking good is part of the appeal to me. I like to say I dont care how much they cost - but I do. I can't afford shell out so much money on grips that I could have bought another gun or a branch new progressive reloaded. I'm just not sure where to start looking for grips that look decent that wont break the bank. I wish I could find an attractive set of ivory/faux-ivory that look good on a set of blued pistols but I cant seem to find anything that really trips my interests price wise so far. Any thoughts?
  14. Get an AR - you will have MUCH greater flexibility. First and foremost there is an almost bottomless pit of trinkets you can attach to an AR-15 and parts are easier to find. You can buy one and then build a collection of uppers that will allow you to change calibers as needed. -Want to shoot AK ammo because you found a great deal on cheap AK ammo? Buy a complete upper chambered in 7.62x39 and off you go - you don't even need new magazines. -Want to go out and shoot feral hogs? Buy a complete upper chambered in 300 Blackout or .458 SOCOM and whack away - endless bacon and both calibers can be loaded into standard AR15 magazines -Want to see how small you can make your shot groups at 600 yards - buy a complete upper chambered for 6.5 Grendel - again, same magazines -Want to take it into the woods and shoot Bambi's mom? Get an upper in 6.8 SPC... and again, you can use the same magazines. -Just want to plInk away at rabbits and squirrels? No problem - there are all sorts of .AR15/22 LR conversions on the market Hell, there is even a single shot bolt action upper for the AR15 that will shoot .50 BMG if you need to be the first kid on your block with a 50-Cal.
  15. I use heavy cream instead of milk
  16. Ah yes... creamed beef on toast - it is the Lagavulin-16 of breakfast foods. -Of course, depending on your perspective, Lagavulin-16 might be considered the creamed beef on toast of Scotch Whisky It should also be said - that is a fine choice of mug for consuming your coffee.
  17. In the late 50's a Pirate named Harvey Haddix pitched 12 innings of "perfect game" baseball against the Milwaukee Braves at a time when Hank Aaron was in his prime. In the 13th inning, the lead off hitter, Felix Mantilla, reached first base on an error. ...no more perfect game. To eliminate the threat of a game winning home run, he walked Hank Aaron with hopes that he could get Joe Adcock to hit into a double play to get them out of the inning... On the second pitch of his at-bat, Joe Adcok hit the ball into the right field bleachers. Because of a base running error, Hank Aaron was called out and the home run was ruled a ground rule double but Mantillas run still counted. Final score - Braves 1 / Pirates 0 After the game during an interview Haddix was actually surprised to find out that no one had ever thrown 12 perfect innings before - Haddix' response: “It was just another loss, and that is no good.”
  18. what is the new rule as it applies to base pads? Not all base pads are created equal.
  19. Cowboy pistols for a defensive match sounds like an awesome way to show off what cowboy guns can do !! Just a few thoughts on breaking into 3-Gun competition using Cowboy Guns - .223 is listed in most of the rule books as the minimum caliber for rifle ammo. I imagine you could use a 30-30 to cover the caliber requirement, but you are going to do a LOT of on-the-clock reloading if you can only hold 4-5 rounds in your gun (and according to our rules, a 30-30 isn't "really" a CAS gun). I dont think a lever action pistol caliber rifle is at all suited to modern 3-gun competition. If the match director at a 3-Gun shoot agreed to bend the "caliber rules" for a cowboy shooter and put you in the in the 'Limited' category - shooting 'cowboy guns' will still impact your ability to navigate most courses of fire. 3-gun matches are going to present you with some rifle targets that are a bit "out of reach" to a cowboy gun. Shooting cowboy load 38's or 45's using buckhorn sights on a 200 meter target is going to get frustrating real quick. I'd LOVE to see a little "Cowboy 3-Gun" every so often - but I wouldnt bother taking my Winchester to a 3-Gun match.
  20. smoke and mirrors - the company is just trying to pander to their fan base "Dicks" in most areas stopped "selling" evil equipment awhile back.. Most of the stores nationwide simply pushed their inventory to the back wall on the far side of the store and then hung a "Field and Stream" sign above the shelf that holds all of the evil sporting goods. Dicks simply hides their stance behind the Field and Stream label because they assume that the hippies shopping at Dicks dont know the difference. Beside - if they DO know the difference and still shop at dicks KNOWING that Dicks technically, DOES SELL GUNs under the mask of a subsidiary - then it just shows how shallow the garden variety limousine liberal really is. For those of you that are unhappy with Dicks for being an anti-gun sporting goods store, I would suggest that you consider no longer support Field and Stream retailers either because the Field and Stream sporting goods people are Dicks Just dont be confused Field and Stream the magazine - are not Dicks - the magazine people support constitutional freedoms. The ones that don't support your constitutional freedoms are just "Dick's" I would gladly go to Academi or Gander and pay more simply because they aren't Dick's
  21. Dont waste your time teaching a grown man how to fish... ..."feed yourself, he's a grown man and fishing is not that hard"
  22. I have loaded some shells using the chart that came with my Lee Load-All-2. Using #8 shot in the 1oz bushing and Clays powder in the .155 bushing gives me something that is pretty close to the Winchester Xtra-Lite Target loads. It's not quite as nice as the Low Noise Low Recoil rounds, but I have yet to find any published load data that approximates the LNLR rounds. The only published reloading data I have found that duplicates the LNLR uses WAALite powder and I dont think that powder is commercially available any more. I've had quite a few folks that I shoot with offer recipes for shells "softer than the featherlites" but I am not ready to start experimenting with my loads yet. Lee product data say that the bushings are calibrated using #6 shot and that smaller shot will meter "slightly" heavier so I am guessing that the 1oz bushing drops a teeny-weeny but more than an ounce. I would guess that using the 7/8 (0.87 oz) bushing with #8 shot would be pretty darned close to the 26 grams (0.91 oz) that Winchester uses in the Featherlites - sooner or later, I'll find a safe powder load to match it with.
  23. I know the sock "looks" dirty - but it is being boiled clean before you drink the coffee. No different than drinking water from a stream - fish have sex in that water - but its OK because you boil the water before you drink it.
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