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  1. I went from spending 1.69 a day on cowboy shooting to spending almost 6 dollars a day on cowboy shooting... ...then I dropped down to only spending 4 dollars a day on cowboy shooting and still cant figure out why my wife still isnt happy
  2. the USA didnt resist when they spent two years in their homes wearing masks for a two weeks to flatten the curve moment they didnt resist when they were told "get an untested shot or loose your job" when resident brandon sends for peoples tools, most of them will be turned in with a smile ...the rest will be labeled, validated, and incarcerated as insurrectionists because that is what 'we the people' have been asking for over the last 50 years
  3. Teal Blue tastes like the number seven.
  4. When profit is your motive, a 65-75-125 thousand dollar car with the repair and maintenance life cycle of a bic lighter is an AWESOME investment But - if you are the poor schlub that's been conned into believing your second hand, coal powered electric car is saving the environment while your evil petrobased oil burning high mileage repairable sustainable car is killing the planet faster than the COVID pandemic - well, maybe the investment doesn't have the same level of return but to each their own - go buy an electric car or don't - thats what great about this country - we still have "choices" - plug it into an electric outlet because electricity is a sustainable power source - it comes right out of the wall you dont need a nuclear power plant you dont need a coal fired power plant you dont need an unreliable solar panel you dont need unreliable windmills you need need a wall outlet - BAM - find a plug and you've got clean energy you dont have to strip mine the country side for rare earth metals like lithium, nickel, manganese, and cobalt ...lets just quit complaining about gas prices, buy EVs, and go eat our peas
  5. the old guy named brandon did say that no ammendment was absolute... no politics folks - lets keep it clean
  6. Picture upside down Cat in birdcage Newspaper upside down Candle lamp plugged in Nothing in the picture over the mantle Electric heater in the fireplace Stirring tea with knife Stupid looking bread Stupid looking butter Pouring tea on table No handle on tea pot One lens on the ugly kids glasses is square, the other is round
  7. no mention of renaming fort mcclellan - just because he wore a blue suit doesnt mean he wasnt an enemy to the cause...
  8. Voting wont change things for you unless "you" are the one counting the votes... but hey, vote harder my friends - vote harder
  9. it's because those rules aren't for "you" they are rules for radicals... ...sheesh
  10. You are right on the MRI vs the X-ray but a lot of it depends on whether or not the problem with your knees was service related in your VA claim. If you 10% rating is based on your knees and you feel like they are just avoiding the cost of an MRI, then I would definitely talk with the VA patient advocate in your area just like Widder recommended. Dusty Boots is also dead on - contact the DAV as well as the VFW for a good patient advocate. The VA advocates are ok, but at the end of the day, the work for the VA - they dont work for you. Dont be afraid of requesting a reevaluation if you think the problem was caused or worsened during your service - just make sure you get an advocate to help you with the claim. I retired after 30 years with a 100% VA disability rating and I still get jerked around periodiclly. The VA is the VA is the VA so managing expectations and being persistent is a big thing when you start trying to wear them down.
  11. the only other thing I can remember ever seeing Gabrielle Byrne doing was "Keaton" in The Usual suspects
  12. just ignore it and it will go away - just like we do here in the USA whatever you do - dont talk about the politics of a canadian gun ban - nobody likes politics
  13. A group of hillbillys is a family reunion. A group of drunks a wedding reception. A group of know-it-alls is a CAS match.
  14. I'd also add - we cant blame everything on the politicians. People create and empower politicians. Sportsman that don't care about one persons right to a specific type of gun are as bad or worse than those who hate ALL guns. Then one day those same anti-gunners tell you that you cant use lead shot anymore... ...or lead bullets ...or high powered rifles ...or you can't buy guns and ammo without a special government ID Gun owners and sportsmen have a nasty habit of being our own worst enemies.
  15. how does a bulletin board that is dedicated to private gun ownership in the name of competitive shooting not routinely drift into political commentary? ...asking for a friend Thread Poster #1: I missed this months local match; i didn't get my firearms owner ID card in time to buy the ammo I needed to compete Thread Poster #2: really? i had two creams and two sugars in my coffee on my way to the local match nobody likes to be constantly beat over the head with random decent into politics over every single topic - but pretending that "our" sport isn't adversely impacted by bad political behavior and social ignorance seems akin to hiding ones head in the sand
  16. ha... we elect the people that empower them - no need to complain until we fire their boss something something people something government they deserve something something
  17. look on the front of the current ATF form when you buy a gun - the ATF form itself form IS the national gun registry
  18. I still wear 'Chucks when I am just casually trotting about town in blue jeans...
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