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New shooters event

evil dogooder

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Yesterday we managed to pull it off even with the covid crap and all the riots.  With very little advertising we managed to wrangle in 32 new shooters.  I think 6 were under 18.


  After a very long day everybody was smiles. Most said they would return.

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3 hours ago, Trooper Ozzy said:

Possible to share your methods for a successful introduction to so many?


I second Trooper Ozzy's request.  Very good, evil do-gooder!

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9 hours ago, Ringer said:



Just one question.

Did the ginslingers go the way of the gunfigthers? :D


I wondered how the 6 under 18 became ginslingers. ;)


It's Minnesota... we have chilly winters.   Gin helps so we start them young

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There are several key parts to this success.  I am a very small part of it. 


Hillbilly bert has been talking it up and promoting it every chance he gets as well as other members of our club. 


 Key points.  


Do not assume all young people only want to play video games and shoot black guns.  They may like to but I've yet to see one turn down shooting our guns.

  Get a variety of skill level shooters to help, and demonstrate.  A very critical part here.  DO NOT START WITH A SHOOTING DEMO!!!!  Seeing someone good really good with years of practice burn a stage down does absolutely no good to people who are apprehensive about their skill or how they will do. 

   Have patient skilled shooters walk them through the stages.    Then at the end of the day let the stars shine to show what is possible. 

   Don't have all volunteers dressed to the nines.   It's great to have a few dressed up, but make sure you have SEVERAL only in the bare minimum.  At least one on every posse.  If possible have a townie or railroad worker not just only cowboys. feed the imagination. Again less intimidating. 


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