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  1. Thank you Misty for the reply. Cowboy(girl) in every way I did not think I was nor did l intend to bash anyone or anything. If it was so perceived I apologize.
  2. Life and business are full of mistakes. My bad, your bad, both bad, and sometimes It just happens. When it does, you step back, evaluate, apologize, and look for resolution. There is no need to lock posts or delete posts explaining events. Yes, remove demeaning or derogatory individual posts. I know SASS has control of the site but in the end their actions should reflect the Cowboy way. There are other cowboy games but this is the one we chose to support. Not just with our money but literally with our blood, sweat, and sometimes tears. I have made new and lasting friends that are like family and want to make many more. Please SASS, Cowboy up and don't play Big Brother with us. Ringer 48552 Life On my way home from CaC
  3. Leaving out early in the morning. Looks like no one has been here! Great match. Good to see you both again and you can jump any time.
  4. If you shoot Copperheads 97 you don't have to worry about that cardboard dust.
  5. Just crossed the Big Muddy headed that way with Coppersnake in tow.
  6. Best match I've been to this year, except for the rain. Have to pay the weatherman better next year. Congrats Taco, Billy, and the crew.
  7. Ringer was got before he got there! I've told Purly I just can't spot him 15. Almost, but.... Things are starting to make sense. Last time I shot with him he beat me by 1.08 seconds. This after my rifle lever BROKE and I had, I believe 3 misses. I think he was clean. On the Monday before this my back went out. Tuesday afternoon, after a day of hot and cold on the back and pain pills, I got into battle with wasps. Lost that one. Right arm then double normal size. More ice. Thursday, battle with yellowjackets. Saw this one coming and won it. Back still hurting I wasn't going to go to the shoot but JH stepped up and offered to haul my big ole butt down there. After an uneventful trip we arrived and I received my complimentary chickel leg. First stage we shot went well. In the 15's. Second stage, stomach starts, get weak and shakey, push through the sugar crash with 1 miss and 1 P. Visit the little white house. When I return there is a dark doll on my cart with the chickel leg! They disappeared and we went to stage 5, which I won! But..... Back to the little white house. At this point I wish to appologize to my posse. I feel I didn't do my part as I spent so much time in the little white house. I owe you all one. Now back from the little white house I find chickel and doll have returned. Oh well I will just embrace them. Yea right. Stage 6 doesn't go well. On to stage 1. After tightening wires. Rebuilding and knocking over targets we start. Wait, tighten wires again. Look out the poles are getting closer together, loosen the wires. Whoops now the slidder is stopping in front of the stationary targets. Just shoot it! Yea 2 misses. Back to the little white house. Yea!! The last stage! Let's throw in 1 more miss and hurry off to the "little white house" again. A quick bite and we must leave early. But...... The chickel leg and doll found a new ride home. Alas, Sunday it wasn't over. On the way home from a family lunch the truck suddenly pulls to the right. Caliper decides to Not release. Stomach is starting to hurt..... Will it never end? Why do you think I am up this early?
  8. Loose Cinch would be a great Clarence Earp. Tn Williams as a grown up Leon.
  9. Purly, Do I get the snd ammo with or without misses? How much do you want? I know what to buy for you.
  10. Our Co-op used to have it. We also had a station in town that sold it as "racing fuel." Haven't been ther since I sold the vette.
  11. Google henry fish jr candia nh Says he is ffl and gives phone number
  12. I don't know who came up with the idea but they were printed up by Whiskey Creek Johnson.
  13. If you had been at Black Gold you would have seen this on the spotters flags. We had flags printed for the posses to use instead of having spotters sticks. This montra was on each flag.
  14. Well, I was gonna try and get the boss to come home early from Fla for this but yous guys are starting to worry me off.
  15. Hey! What's said on the SASS wire stays on the SASS wire. You mean pretty boy pimpy Lefty?
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