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  1. While at Palo Duro canyon drive into Canyon and visit the museum. Great museum about the history of the region and when I was there they had the Colt Charlie Goodnight gave the local bank for protection. While in Ok City don't miss the Cowboy Hall of Fame.
  2. He musta needed some feed money. Next time I see you remind me to tell you about getting beat in the semi-finals by .01 seconds.
  3. Pipes Rollback Car hauler with winch Many strong backs
  4. Ringer

    Squeaky butt.....

    Resolved. Took trigger guard off, no squeak. Put back on still no squeak. Shot today no squeak. I didn't have a screwdriver to fit that one screw and a friend supplied one today. OLG I may try that also.
  5. Ringer

    Squeaky butt.....

    Yep. Took forearm and barrel off. Seems to be in wrist area. Also took recoil pad off and tried to tighten screw. Was tight. Loosened it some and squeak went away.
  6. The buttstock on my double barrel has started squeaking in the wrist area. It is tight and no visible cracks. Any ideas?
  7. Never had this problem until I bought some wet tumbled brass. Looked like new but almost 10% of it was ruined depriming. This was bought from a range. Wet tumbled with primers still in it. I'll ask for uncleaned next time and pass on their wet tumbled.
  8. Is your wrist part of yoyr hand? Where is the delinating line? A little weight work on your biceps and your arms will hang away from your body more.
  9. Long time getting there but thanks Captain Bill Burt.
  10. And there lies the rub.
  11. I have had this experience. Exactly what we did on the posse level. We just made sure he only had to take care of his posse marshal duties. I don't think he had a clue.
  12. Is he cheating? He is the designated "berm god" unless it is a large match with predesignated "berm gods". So his word is final?
  13. Now your gonna make me go see what mine is. Lol
  14. Maybe I need to start another topic.
  15. Lol What's the penalty for such an infraction?
  16. So the TO can reject a valid p call by a spotter. Competent? And if a valid call was overruled by the TO?
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