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my 11 year old son must have a special way with animals

Trigger Mike

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Whatever animal my son runs into often he can approach it and it stay calm and many let him pet them.  A stray cat showed up to live at our house and it runs whenever I look in its direction or go outside as well as most in the family but my son can pick it up and hold it.  This is true for a neighbors dog as well as the ducks that run from me let him come near.  Today a fawn was hiding in the blackberry bushes as he picked blackberries to feed to the ducks when he saw it and stroked the deer's head.  later when we showed up it ran off.  

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Mama had a picture of me as a wee lad, hand feeding a groundhog in back of the garage.

Nowadays they run, but we're in the Yankee flat lands now and likely groundhogs learned the hard way to avoid hillbillies.

The deer aren't so flighty.

They'll look up from grazing with me walking my hourly firewatch round twenty feet from them.

You can very nearly hear their muttered comment as they look at me, chewing their graze as they do.

"Oh.  It's you.  You're ugly."

Then they lower their heads, unconcerned, and go back to grazing.

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When I was a kid I had a knack for that as well.

I think it has a lot to do with not appearing threatening and being small. 

It it seems that once I hit the age of 15 that ability was gone.

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