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Caliber / Power Categories?


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So, Just wondering.


Why, with all of the costume categories (some that require a specific firearm), are there no Major / Minor caliber categories.


Surely I am not the only one who has ever broached this subject?


I mean the .45 Colt and 44/40 were the most popular / produced calibers.



I count two costume categories, CC and BW, seems short of all. One of those already has a caliber requirment. Do you have any information that says 45 and 44/40 were the most popular? There were a lot of left over Civil war guns and calibers, pocket guns, store keeper guns, farmer guns, etc.

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How about these two shooting categories? Either you shoot 45 Colt or you shoot 44-40?



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Wow...Deja Vu...It's 2000 all over again...but I am older, slower and know better about sticking my nose in it when it JUST DOESN"T MATTER!


Rye, trade ya some jerky for some of that popcorn...have some of this jerky Widder....it ain't bad for store bought.


Thanks PR. That is good jerky.


Besides, Rye's popcorn was plain..... no butter. (he's cheap).


How about lets have a 'Cheap Category' for those Pards who share unbuttered popcorn..... ;)



..........Widder (Jerky lover)

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I gotta get to the kitchen. Need another PopCorn. Wash it down with some Dead Guy. Yum.


No. I think the original holder of the low number either sells it gives it to a newbe. Front office then reassigns it.

Dead Guy Ale? One of my all time favorites.

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Wow! Jeez, sorry for stirring up such a hornets nest. It was just a question guys. Can we all calm down. It wasn't a judgement of anyone's caliber or category choice nor was it meant as a history lesson.


Oh, and by the way, if it matters (as it seems to some it does) my SASS # is original, I have had it for 27 years.


"Ride Hard and Shoot Straight"


Bronc 1885


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Howdy Bronc.


No need to apologize. Its winter time and these type thread help warm our blood and 'jaw' a little.


Besides, now everyone knows that Rye is cheap and eats butterless popcorn..... :lol::lol::lol:


p.s. - I use to shoot Ruger .45's in 7.5" barrels. TERRIBLE.

Then switched to shooting the C45S in Sheriff model Vaqueros for about 4 years.

Then last summer, I switched to shooting Ruger Vaq. in .32 H&R, along with my Marlin 1894 in .32 H&R.

Love the combination.




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Bronc, what Widder said. No apology necessary. Sorry we were having a little fun with it.


Besides, I went opposite what most do. I started out with .357 / .38 Spl Rugers and now I shoot .45 Colt. :)

I have 2 Rugers. One is a 7.5" original Vaquero and I have a 5.5" New Vaquero. I am debating on another .45 but I am not sure if I want my pairing to be another 7.5 original or a 5.5" New Vaquero. I like them both so much but not having matching guns is kinda cool....


Hey, what about a Mismatched Gun category in the upper Power Range?...just kidding :wacko::D

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