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Sent to me today. Looks like a great retro style SASS shoot!




May 6 and 7, 2017
Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club

January 14, 2017

The Eldorado Cowboys have "decided" (ok, I admit it was mostly my idea), that The Best Shoot by a Dam Site should pay homage to the game we used to play in cowboy. Perhaps interject a little bit of the silliness that has been lost over time. A Legacy shoot, if you will.

Now don't misunderstand me; I have zero interest in revisiting the games of chance and non-shooting activities determining winners. But I think the game is called "Cowboy Action", for reasons other than simply the era our guns were designed.

We really don't want to lose the big, close, fast reputation that The Eldorado Cowboys have worked for.
We just want to put in some reminders; the light hearted silliness of what we used to do in addition to shooting. We are in no way advocating a return to when "chance" or a completely random activity determined the winners.

We do firmly believe we are a shooting competition first. BUT - in the effort to become a shooting competition - we have (perhaps) swung the pendulum too far and discarded much of the "playing cowboy" aspect of our game. It has gotten to the point where asking shooters to actually say a silly line (or make up one of their own) or carry a gold bag or stab the dummy is viewed as a distraction - not an integral component of the game.

We also don't want to return to the activities that our aging bodies will not endure. So there will be no starting in and then exiting bath tubs, or lying on the ground with head on saddle. But maybe we could shoot bottles off the bar top after throwing a whiskey in the barkeeps face...shooting the stage while seated on the back of the stagecoach - maybe even having to reset your own knockdown rack by pulling on the reins...escaping the jail by stealing the deputies gun and blasting the lock...shooting cockroaches (no, not ketchup packets) off the wall of your hotel room...stuffing a bank bag full of bills and coins - snuffing the dynamite with a rifle shot...saving your partner from the hangman with a well-placed shot...

We will do our best to create a balance of today’s competition with the laughter of yesterday’s game.

To ensure everyone KNOWS EXACTLY what they are in for - stages will be posted at http://eldoradocowboys.com/ at least 60 days in advance of the match. Sooner if I get a burst of creativity.

Thank you for considering the Best Shoot by a Dam Site for your shooting plans in 2017.

President – Match Director
The Eldorado Cowboys

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Hey Wasatch,

This shoot sounds like a perfect way to cure cabin fever we talked about the other day. Should we think about a trip down south to see our pards in Boulder? I would even shoot them long barrel ROA,s with the conversion cylinders that are rusting away in your safe.



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