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  1. Pat ya done good. One touch on your posted link and I'm there, thanks Mackenna
  2. Where does it show you have a new message? Is there some kind of message alert? Mackenna On the left of your name, on the top right of every window, is an envelope. If you have messages, a red number of messages should show there. If you want an email notification and are not getting them, go to the drop down menu next to your name and select account settings. Then, on the right side of the window, select Notification settings. Read the Notification options and select those you want. Click the Save button.
  3. Anyone have contact information for Gunner? His message box is full. Mackenna
  4. Cheyenne, I think he means the block has dropped down as the lever is opening. But again the OP needs to read Slick's post again to understand how an out of battery discharge would not occur. However where there is a will there is a way. The OP needs to give Slick a call and work this out. Mackenna
  5. Cajun, TL Miller has an excellent replacement sight for the 73. You can contact him thru the cowboy and Indians store. I have one on my rifle and highly reccomend them. Mackenna
  6. Hey Wasatch, This shoot sounds like a perfect way to cure cabin fever we talked about the other day. Should we think about a trip down south to see our pards in Boulder? I would even shoot them long barrel ROA,s with the conversion cylinders that are rusting away in your safe. Mackenna
  7. Backstrap fried medium rare in butter, eggs over easy,and biscuits for breakfast. I have elk backstrap in the fridge. Mackenna
  8. Missouri Marshal My blocks arrived today, very impressed with the craftsmanship. Also very pleased with the packaging, not to mention the free pen. Folks if you ever need loading blocks I would recomend these for sure. Marshal Mackenna
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