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  1. What color are the Kirkpatrick and Kibler shotgun belts?
  2. Thanks, but it doesn't look like they will work for my particular Blackhawk. Really wished they did...
  3. Will these fit on the Ruger New Blackhawk Flat-Top? I know the gripframe on it now is the same as the mid-size New Vaquero gripframe.
  4. This lines up perfect with the wife's BDay...
  5. So an update... BJM has decided to get both. She will try them and then decide which one is hers and the other will be my new scattergun. As always; Thanks for all the advice! Have a Merry Christmas all!
  6. I like the way you all think. I did mention this option to my lovely bride. She doesn't think that's too bad of an idea...
  7. Just as an added... I will be reloading 12ga specifically for her. I will be having her try some 3/4 oz and 7/8 oz loads. There is a slight chance I will be able to get her out to the Skeet and or Trap range with me. For this reason I am leaning towards "recommending" the Stoeger Coach/Uplander combo. But I really like the Cimarron (for myself). Thanks for all the great advice everyone Please keep it coming.
  8. We were out at our favorite store (Bass Pro) this weekend and BJM (Butter J' Mouse), my wife, started looking at S x S shotguns. I told her I would have the stock on my old Stevens S x S cut down for her and we would share, but her response was "I want my own". I have been married to this young lady for 23 years now and I know not to try and convince her of anything. Plus... having another Shotgun, is not a bad thing... So she lookied at a Stoeger S x S Coach Gun Uplander Combo. This is the Coach gun with a 20" barrel but includes the Uplander 28" barrel for $499.00 + Tax and DROS (~$80) Then she started looking online (Davidson Guns) and found the Cimarron 1878 Coach Gun with a 20" barrel, Hammers and a lifetime replacement warranty for $580 (out the door). So I come to you with yet another question; which of the 2 above guns sounds good to you?
  9. The weight of the 3.5" Thunderer is perfect for her and no troubles shooting the light loads and the Birds Head grips. Fit her hand perfectly and the pistol did not try to roll in her hand while shooting.
  10. So... Thanks for everyone's help and direction. I had someone that had the exact model I was looking for, Cimarron Thunderer 3 1/2 " barrel in 38 spl, and got the wife to handle it. Fit her hand perfectly. So after that we ordered the 1st one (1 in 30 law in Ca stinks) from Davidson. Picked it up earlier this week and tried it out at the range last night. I am truly impressed with this little pistol. At 10 yards it was dead on. I also brought along some of the "gallery" loads I made up and it felt like I was shooting a 22. The best part... The wife loved it and can hardly wait till we can get her second one, next month. In fact she loved it some much she suggested I think about getting "myself" a pair... LOL. Mission Accomplished!
  11. Yep Jim. What I was referring to is that the Lightning when listing being able to fire 38spl, it does not mention 357. So I am assuming that unlike other 357 chambered guns, that can also shoot 38spl, the Lightning does not have that ability.
  12. I am sort of counting on it H.K. I am looking for a pair of holsters I can use on an extra gun belt I have...
  13. Adilene... I see that now. The base pin latch is the crossbolt one. So here is a picture of the Thunderer (in 45 LC)
  14. From what I have read, the differences between the Lighting and the Thunderer are: Lightning is 20% smaller than the Thunderer Lightning is only chambered for 38 SP Thunderer is chambered for 357/38 SP Lightning has a frame mounted firing pin Thunderer has a hammer-mounted firing pin Lightning has a crossbolt base pin latch Thunderer has a thumb screw in place of the standard base pin latch The article I found here has a good write-up comparing the 2 revolvers.
  15. So, I have asked a local shop to order me a pair of Uberti "Patron" SA Revolvers. And while I have been patiently waiting for the call, my wife (a.k.a. Butter d' Mouse) has found a new set of irons that have caught her eye and has asked me to research them. She is interested in the Cimarron Thunderer, in 38 SP with a 3 1/2" barrel... Now my wife is 5' and has small hands. So I am thinking that the Bird's Head style grip frame, may in fact be a better match for her. She also wants the shorter barrel, 3 1/2", rather that the 4 3/4". Now my 1st instinct is to insist on the longer barrel, for accuracy. But I know I would be 'convincing' her and I should just let her choose her own guns. I will be reloading a light, gallery load for her in these, to keep recoil at a minimum. While still letting her be able to play the game effectively. So I am here to see if anyone has any experience with this revolver they can share... As always, Thanks for all the advice.
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