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Who rebuilds the fastest Win 97

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Some of your fastest 97 shooters build their own, or should I say..... they smith them to suit their needs, etc.....


I could be mistaken, but I think DEUCE works on his own 97 (when he uses it) and I think RED KNEE sets his own 97 up for his preferences. Red Knee has won the Oklahoma State speed 97 event, a Regional speed 97 event and just recently, he won the Speed 97 event at Winter Range (National Champion Speed 97 SG).


And let me define preferences: some 97 shooters prefer a fast hammer fall and therefore, they might use a stiffer setting on their hammer spring.

Others might prefer a nice, super easy working of the slide with minimal resistance in cocking the hammer, and therefore set their hammer spring a little lighter to their preference.


Although I think my SG feels great to me, I prefer a stiff hammer spring. I have had others tell me that my hammer spring is set too strong. But I like it strong.


As Deuce basically stated, you need good ejection and smooth, RELIABLE running. That will be the fastest for you.


I'm not sure we have a 'BEST' smith in SASS for the 97, BUT.....we are blessed with having many GREAT 97 smiths we can trust to work on all SG's.


EDIT: I own a few 97's, all of them IAC/Norinco branded. I own 3 of the more recent imports from Coyote Cap. Although some 'tweaking' was done on 2 of them, they are superb 97's and served me faithfully in big matches. If you really like the 97, you would do well to atleast consider getting one for yourself.





It would seem logical to set the hammer spring tension to just strong enough to reliably fire the primers but if you're going to work the gun really fast, a short lock time is more important. The same is true for the rifle and pistols also, although with the pistols it wouldn't matter that much to a gunfighter or duelist.


I also have 3 of the new '97s from Cap (indirectly) and they all work great. I too had to do a little tweaking on one of them. We'll just have to see how long they'll hold up but for now I'm really happy with them.

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It has been my experience that the fastest '97 is made by Winchester, Remington, Estate, and Fiocchi, depending on what's least expensive. If the sear won't break until the lifter is behind the bolt, the ejector functions properly, and the flag raises reliably, the only other limitation is practice. If the hammer spring is light enough that you can pull the bolt back before the shot has broken, you or your gunsmith is doing it wrong.


The "fastest" '97 may be a handicap. A gentleman once handed me a super-slick and tricked out '97 and asked me what I thought. I went from port-arms to firing position and the bolt closed and locked. I thought that I didn't want to have to hold onto the bolt with my thumb while I brought it to my shoulder.

This is a very honest and TRUTHFUL evaluation by someone who changed the way 97's are used in this game today.

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Second on squibber. Does a great job on 97's. They work properly and very well in sass.

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