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quick Ruger hammer question...


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I was browsing in a local toy store and saw a pair of "Old Model" stainless vaqueros I really like. (They's purty!) But they had Bisley hammers on 'em.

Rule book says "Ruger Super Blackhawk/Montado style revolver hammers (i.e. lowered and widened hammers) are acceptable on both adjustable and fixed sight model revolvers." But I didn't see any specific mention of the Bisley hammers.

I can change out the hammers easy enough, and have a nice pair o' shooters, but just wanted to see if I have to.



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If pictures are worth 1000 words, you just put together the April issue of the CC!


This would be a follow-update to the April 2010 CC article clarifying the Bisley hammer/grip-frame restrictions that remained in place at that time...regardless of the approval of the Ruger Montado/SBHK-style hammers on 'plow handle' & 'birdshead' revolvers at the 2008 Summit.



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I wonder ifn its legal to have Bisley style hammers on the Ruger Old Army?





Sorri PWB, I just couldn't resist!





See post #6




(only if shooting them GF-style) ;)

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