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  1. I've got a 50y/o Colt Detective Special bought it from a real detective when he retired. It has a packmire (?) grip adapter and the right grip panel has been replaced with a "Hip Gripper" remember those? I carried it as a back up when we were issued model 64s since our speed loaders fit both.
  2. Hopefully it doesn't have a Lucus electrical system.
  3. there is no requirement to "dance" the requirement is not to break the 170.
  4. There is a lot of misinformation posted on the SASS wire about NCOWS, which is a much different, and in many ways more flexible, sport. The NCOWS "Tally Book" which has all their rules and regulations in one book instead of 3, can be downloaded here: http://ncows.org/library/pdf/2016NCOWSTallyBook.pdf
  5. I wear the same clothing to a NCOWS match that I wear to a SASS match including zippered trousers, no one has ever said anything to me.
  6. FYI, they won't fit the 9mm Glock 43.
  7. please send pictures and shipping to 28144 to: pocket pistol@yahoo.com
  8. That's because you weren't in the Navy. Rank is your pay grade E-1 to E-9, Rate is what you do, so you can look at a Sailor's sleeve and tell what his rank is and also what his job is.
  9. That would have been "Windy Whales" wintered in NC summered up north, retired USMC air traffic control man.
  10. On the muzzle loading rifles I use for hunting, I replace the #11 size nipples with ones that accept the larger musket caps. They are easier to handle with cold fingers. I got mine from here. https://www.dixiegunworks.com/default.php?cPath=22_238_566_573&osCsid=0hmhh92902ukv446p3hnrbco77
  11. I believe it was Col Hessler (Robert Shaw) in the 1965 movie "Battle of the Bulge". He is in his command trailer and shows a fresh chocolate cake to his officers. He mentions the allies have so much fuel and supplies that they can fly a birthday cake from the US to Europe and deliver it before it went stale.
  12. There seems to be some question as to the validity of this report. http://www.snopes.com/politics/military/stabbedmarine.asp If you don't like Snopes, use which ever one you want.
  13. Guess we don't know the secret handshake. Or maybe no one else knows who he was but won't admit it.
  14. Enabelers always have excuses and attack those who aren't part of the fan club.

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