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Got a new Toy from Johnny Meadows


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Around Christmas time, I got the hankerin' to buy myself a Christmas present... so I tried Johnny, to see what he might have for a Black-Powder shooter. Danged if he didn't have a SKB 150, Beaver Tail forearm for when the barrels get HOT! Slicker'n snot and ready to go.














I will never be able to run this shotgun as fast as it can go. Heck, that's the same with all my other sup'd up hot-rod guns.

But I enjoy their form and function, just the same. Reminds me of when I had a car with a 400 Cubic-inch engine with twin 4-barrel carbs! Never ran it full out, but it was a joy to have.




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It won't be lonely.

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Supposed to get my Baikal back from him tomorrow. I had him do one of my other Baikal's last year and decided after shooting it in one shoot I NEEDED to get another one done....I have 3. Probably won't get the 3rd one done. Don't like the full hourglass extractor they're using on the newer ones. He does great work.

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Got two 12 ga. done by Johnny and a 410 ga done by him.Love his work.Great cowboy to deal with also.

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McCandless it hard for me to see the pictures through these green tinted eyes of envy that I have. Very nice work...should serve you very well.

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