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  1. I own most of the Dukes westerns. I was watching Rio Lobo the other night. Right after the Civil war he went back to Texas and was looking for the guy in his company that was selling info about gold shipments to the "Rebs". Of course he found him with help from 2 Rebs he had caught during the war. JW and everyone else were carrying Colt SAA's and he sporting a 92 Winchester. This was a year or 2 after the war as far as I could gather...may be wrong, but it sure wasn't indicated it was late enough for those weapons. The same snafu was in the Undefeated with Rock Hudson. The prop room must have gotten a bargain on those type of guns.
  2. I've been using the CCI 209 magnum primers for the last few years. Never have had a FTF with those or the Winchester 209's. The only FTF's I've had have been with the Federal 209's. I had 8 FTF's out of 50 with the Federals. And that was after switching barrels to see if it was the firing pin not doing it's job. I load on a MEC 9000.
  3. They do run on road courses too. Just making left turns on those could be a minor problem.
  4. I just saw this on my home page. Mary Tyler Moore died today at a hospital in Connecticut. The detail of what caused it are not stated at this time, but she has been battling Diabetes for many years. She was 80.
  5. YOU speechless ?...I have to mark today's date down on my calendar.
  6. Thanks, I wasn't sure about the single or double action part. I've never had the urge to own one let alone handle one. I was going to buy a Desert Eagle at one point until I handled it. I didn't like the way it fit my hands. I do have a Mountain Eagle (22LR) that Magnum Research built back in the 90's. It looks like it weighs a ton, but except for the barrel and action it's all polymer. As for using it in CAS, like was mentioned by many, it's not the best choice for the money. For what one of those cost you can buy a 2nd vaquero AND a good SxS ; a Johnny Meadows Baikal comes to mind. I have 2 of them and they are built like a tank.
  7. I could be wrong, but doesn't the BFR in 454 have a 5 round cylinder capacity? SASS rules say hammer down on empty chamber or spent cartridge. That would mean you'd have to load only 4 then reload one for our standard 5 round per pistol scenarios. On some pocket pistols there's a notch between chambers for the hammer to rest. Does the BFR have that? And is it Single action only or double action? Like several have said already, the price for one of those would be equal to 2 cowboy 6 guns.
  8. That answers that, thanks. If the demand for the SAA's is there then why don't they run more when they do make them. And are the only SAA's Colt makes custom shop fancy ones? What about the "standard'' models? Does the custom shop make those too? I looked at 2 of my distributors catalogs and the only SAA's shown are 45LC and 357. They show a new frontier in 44spl. Both I looked at have none in stock of any model. My dealer cost for the "cheapest" ones is $1360, so I guess that answered my own question.
  9. It was longer than that. I joined SASS in 09 and signed up for the 3 year plan. Renewed it for another 3 then SASS quit offering it as an option. I laminated my "durable paper" card too.
  10. Are ya going to shoot em up with your new toys? Good luck in the shoot.
  11. I got a call from my dear friend a bit ago. Mt. Prairie Dog told me Curley Sue had passed away. Sue had been fighting cancer for several years and the damn stuff finally won out. They had been together for 53 years and I know it's going to be hard on him their son Troy and both of their families. I know I am going to miss her a lot, even if she is in a better world now. Let's all let them know our thoughts are with him and the whole family.
  12. My uncle was a crew chief on a B24 during WW2 flying missions over the hump from India to China.
  13. Too many product liability lawsuits...that's why. 20 years ago the price of a new Cessna 172 had gone from $4000 to $12,000. The Cessna rep at Oshkosh told me it was all due to so many sue happy people and their lawyer's. Case in point; a private pilot and wanna be airplane mechanic did his own engine rebuild. Installed it back in the 172 without having a certified mechanic check it all out and sign off on his work. He took off and about 30 minutes into the test flight the engine vibrated off and the plane made a rather significant hole in a grain field with him in it. Upon the NTSB investigation results, it seems he put it back in without safety wiring the engine mount bolts and nuts. His wife sued Cessna and the courts ruled in HER favor and Cessna had to pony up a rather large amount of money.
  14. Thanks...I'll pass that along to him. I figured Hornady would have a good selection of defense ammo, but wasn't sure which. I don't use it in my 357...158 gr hollow points seem to work nicely.
  15. It was the other North...Dakota not Carolina. That clarifies the old phrase cold enough to freeze the nuts off of a gang plow....only in this case it was off of a B52. It was a balmy 1 above at ground level...I wonder what it was at 10 or 20,000 ft.
  16. I retired at 51 ( I'm now 70) from the phone company with 30 years and 1 week. That was in 98. I moved back to Montana in 2001 and found out every time someone stubs a toe on a sidewalk crack, the county ups the property taxes. So 4 years later I got a part time job working for Ace hardware. I had paid off the house we bought here when the last of my relatives passed away and left of us nieces and nephews a nice inheritance. As soon as I got to 62, I pulled the plug. I was making more from SS than working part time there and with the pension from the phone company things worked out ok. One thing I found out from both retirements is I had more free time when I was working than I have now.
  17. My carry gun when I carry is a Stainless ported 2 in barrel Taurus 606 in 38/357. I've had it since 97 and it's fairly accurate if you don't go deaf from the blast out of the top of the barrel ports. I trust wheel guns for reliability more than semi's, but they have improved more over the years. My Dr. just had me order him a Ruger LC9s and 2 extended 9 round mags. But it's not recommended to use +P ammo. He also had me get him a Ruger LCR in 38 Spl (Plus P rated) and a GP100 38/357. Gotta like a Dr. that likes guns. He does quite a bit of traveling around the state due to his specialty. I have a question though. His LC9s safety manual said do NOT use +P ammo in it on a regular basis. It can harm the frame and slide...or something to that effect. What's a good self defense ammo to run in this pistol? He does not reload and Ruger ....like 90% of the gun makers advise not to use reloads.
  18. I use Federal primers. I like the SP match or magnum match best. If I can't get those the SP magnum's work well too. If you plan on shooting on a Chilly day the magnums seem to work best with any powder you're using. If I can't find the Federal's, Winchester's are my next favorite.
  19. I don't shoot when it's 20 anymore because my hands don't like it. I've been using Titegroup for 9 years with all different loads and Federal magnum or magnum match primers. I couldn't tell any difference from 20- 90 and up. That's shooting 38's or 44-40's.
  20. Don't do it dry. I used a 2 gallon weed sprayer and warm water with liquid fabric softener (less than a cup) to dampen the popcorn. Then take a lid from a garbage can and hold under where you scrape with a flat knife. No dust and not much to clean up afterwards ; plus zero dust. Don't do more area than you can reach to scrape from a step stool or ladder.
  21. I guess that would depend on the number of club members and how much money the club has to buy steel. AR steel is quite a bit more than plain old steel regardless of thickness. There's a couple of clubs I've shot at that are still using mild steel because that's what they can afford. They do rotate the targets more frequently just because they can't afford AR steel and it helps the targets last longer.
  22. I shoot duelist or senior duelist and use a cross draw. Quite a few up here use cross draw set ups. I use to shoot a 7 1/2 and the cross draw was a lot easier to draw from. Now I seldom shoot my 7 1/2's but I've gotten use to the cross draw.
  23. We use 3/8 thick AR400 steel. That's hard enough that if someone shoots jacketed bullets they won't put dents in it. But it will start to bow it if shot enough even with cowboy loads. We usually reverse our targets at the beginning of the shooting season and then again before the State shoot.
  24. After I retired from the phone company I got a part time job at Ace Hardware. They sold those. Being "the new guy" guess who got to put the darn thing together. It took one 8 hr shift to get it done since another employee decided to help. He managed to dump the box of screws, washers and nuts all over the floor in the stock room, losing about a dozen of different sizes of course. They're probably still under those stock shelves.
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