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WTB Uberti '66 or '73 in .357/.38 - carbine - GOT ONE

Chief Rick

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Title says it.


Wife had a train wreck with her Marlin at Hellfire this weekend.


Need it to be light for her to handle easier.


Would prefer a 3rd or 4th generation short stroke.


Would also prefer a face-to-face if possible. I'm willing to meet in Pensacola, FL; Jackson, MS; Alexandria, LA; Lafayette, LA; or anywhere in between if we can work something out.


Will work through a FFL if I have to.


Please PM me what you have to offer.


Edit to add:


I am currently shooting an 18 1/2" half round/half octagon '73 now and she struggles with it by the end of a five stage match.


She was shooting a Marlin 1894 Cowboy before we switched to the 1894 Carbine - switched due to the same reason. Her left wrist was fused and she can't turn it to hold the forearm like regular shooters do - she more or less just supports it by holding the front of the forearm with her middle finger and pulling it into her shoulder with the index finger.


I am also open to take a slicked and short-stroked '66 Carbine.


Edit: Ordered a Taylor's Ladies & Youth Carbine from Cheaper Than Dirt (that's what came up when I googled Thunderstick Trading Co. - NEVER would have thought to look there myself) and it is scheduled to be delivered Friday afternoon to a LGS.

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If she's not so fast she'll out-run it(I'm not) the Rossi '92 20" round bbl carbine is the lightest cas rifle out there...like just shy of six pounds I think. I use one for that reason. Doesn't have the appeal of the '73 for allot of folks but I love mine!

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Neither she nor I will probably ever outrun a M92, but she really likes the lever action/feel of my 4th generation short-stroked '73 - except the weight.


Hellfire was her second big match and she was doing great - really happy with the amount of time she was picking up over her usual monthly stages - and then the train wreck. Lost all 10 rounds in the rifle. Still upset during the next stage and lost 4 rounds from the pistols.


I am passing on a great opportunity to pick up a slicked M92. Would love to have it added to the safe, but I have to get something I know will make Mama happy.

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CR, I saw a 73 carbine in 357 on Gunbroker yesterday........That would be the lightest if you want to stay with a 73...........RT

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You don't seem to be getting much response for a carbine, so ,,,,,,,,,,,,

This is not quite what you are asking for, but pretty close in overall appearance -- probably a little heavier :) .

I have one of the new Winchester 1873s with 4 3/8 inch short stroke, aluminum carrier, action job, custom lever and butt wraps, NIB $1,795.

Just thought I would throw it out to you in case it would work, Otherwise, good luck in your hunt :)

Palo Verde


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Been watchin' yer post fer a few days...

Just a thought... my thoughts so take it fer what it's worth..nuthin'... :)


I shoot a '73 with an 18" barrel.. it's an octagon but still 18" barrel..

My wife shoots a Marlin 1894

When I handle and lift both rifles.. the wifes Marlin is a lot lighter and easier to swing..

I actually overswing with her Marlin.. reckon cuz I'm use to my '73 weight.


Rance ;)

Just thinkin' of maybe another Marlin fer yer wife...

or.. maybe get the one fixed she had the problem with??

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I will be getting her 1894 Carbine fixed but that's gonna take time as well.


If I can't get a '73 Carbine delivered before her Marlin Carbine is fixed she'll us my '73. Not what we really want to do but a viable option.


I have a teenage daughter who sometimes shoots with us so an extra rifle (and a back-up to that) is always a good thing.

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Thunderstick Trading Co has a '73Ladies/Youth carbine in the rack (my wife handled it yesterday). It's new, so you'd have to add the short stroke.

(520) 290-8599. Sandy and Mike are both cowboy shooters.


Barry Sloe

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