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  1. Wow, nice work cowboy! I know a cowboy that has a pair of ROA’s that have been done that way, his grips were “round butted”.
  2. If you want clean and NON-position OR temperature sensitive try Bullseye as long as they are above minimum loads.
  3. Wow, I never cease to be amazed at what I DONT know!
  4. You might call them first. I’m thinking those performance center guns are lifetime warranty. Not sure but worth a phone call .
  5. I have a 2nd model single action that’s in pieces that you are welcome to for what it cost to ship. PM if interested. Regards, Al
  6. Yes, I SHOULD have read the description. Saw the post in an email notification for classified add. My apologies if I gave offense, not my intent! Pale wolf , I sent you a PM
  7. Home made concho’s with swastika emblem???
  8. Did I start something? Just MY opinion.
  9. Did he do a short stroke for you or the OP?
  10. I’ve owned a couple. I have big hands.....big mistake for me!
  11. Seems to me that’s the answer to the question. SAFE direction , not up or down
  12. Dream chaser, you are looking for a big toe box . Although the round toe(Justin) lace ups LOOK like they have more room, they do not work . I have the same toe situation you do and have tried everything. Hope you find what works for you!
  13. Although I’m a man , I’m pretty much in the same boat. I wear ariat square toe lace ups, “Limousines for the feet”!
  14. Well said Billy! It’s been my honor and privilege to Posse with you at EOT on several occasions . I can say for certain that anyone that has a problem with the way you play the game has some issues. If folks would just watch, they could sure learn. Proud to call you friend!
  15. Howdy Slick, you wouldn’t happen to have any small primer 45 acp would you?
  16. Wow, beautiful! Shame there isn’t a match to it. Bump for a beauty !!
  17. Me either . Bad time of year to sell big ticket items I guess.....
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