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  1. Okay, I have handled the Mossberg line and if you are left handed the Mossbergs have the advantage with their tang safety and non-pistol grip stocks.
  2. Big paws? Same here. Try a SAA clone or Opentop with an Army grip, also the S&W clones are very good for big hands.
  3. Somehow, Colts being made in Texas just seems right.
  4. No mention of what US guns will be built. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/czech-gunmaker-bets-riding-colt-into-new-markets-2021-09-13/
  5. If anyone wants them I have some SS pins for a rotary tumbler. Happy to send them your way.
  6. And the long barrels on a hammerless will often fall open be themselves just like a hammered gun
  7. No, the insides aren't as clean, but certainly clean enough to run and load without a worry.
  8. I believe so, but it wouldn't be the first time I've been wrong.
  9. You can go to the Post Office and fill out a form to address to a Postal Inspector's attention. Tell them it firearm related. That sets up a warning flag.
  10. Like @Tyrel Cody said, welcome to the place. A couple of observations on choosing your guns. Try to stay with one caliber for your handguns and rifle, it will make your life SO much simpler. If you think you would ever want to shoot Classic Cowboy, you will want to make sure your cartridge is .38-40 or larger. If not, go with the 38/357 calibers as they cost a lot less to run than 45s. You will find slightly better deals on used 45 stuff just because of this. The 38s have less recoil and ammo is easier to find in normal times too. @Barleycorn Outfitters are fantastic to deal with, I have dealt with John before and will happily do so again.
  11. I took Yul's advice and tried this and love it. Works fantastic. And by the way, thanks again Yul!
  12. Hunter holsters make a Texas Jockstrap holster that is cut low enough at the top to not hit the latch. They are decent midquality holsters that work well. They are not the equal of a Mernickle, but certainly are serving me well.
  13. I guess I got so used to using short barreled shotguns while working that the short barrels seem natural to me. Tried a really pretty Stoeger 20 gauge with longer barrels and just felt off.
  14. Yup, looking for a used buttplate for a well worn Model 12 Winchester. Repros are available, but I would like one that will look appropriate. Thanks!
  15. Many years ago I had a Jeep CJ7 and a fellow told me he had an old Koenig PTO winch I could have as it wouldn't work. Took it home and when I got the cover off what was left of the grease and oil had turned into something close to taffy. About 3 gallons of kerosene later it was cleaned out and I put it back together and used it for many years.
  16. I will not use Frog Lube. Our SWAT teams used it for years, then discovered in certain circumstances it would really gum up guns, even Glocks. It may have been user error, but I am staying away from it.
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