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  1. Sadly, some family obligations came up and she won't be able to come! If anyone needs an extra ticket for the Saturday Night dinner, get hold of me.
  2. Congrats, keep up the good work! See you guys next month!
  3. Buckaroo Wallaby? Buckshot Buckaroo? Buckaroo Mohawk?
  4. Welcome to the place, don't step on the drunken Ozzie...
  5. Just so you are aware, out in West Virginia, sushi is called bait! Hope your unloading goes smoothly tomorrow, prayers for you guys from here!
  6. Yup, it sure will be! Been looking forward to this since last year.
  7. Don' be picking on poor Pat. He's suffering badly from tofu withdrawal.
  8. Between the search engine here and going back about fortyleven pages, I can't find the Comin at Cha thread? Anyone got it handy?
  9. Fried bologna sandwiches....brings back memories of my Grandma making lunch for us.
  10. I've had both Tisas and Rocks, the Rocks were better made than the Tisas, more accurate, and the Tisas did not like JHP rounds. In the 21st Century, a 1911 that won't run JHPs is sad.
  11. Been AWOL for about 10 days. Glad you made your escape safely and are in a free state! Sorry about your losing the Miata...
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