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  1. Peters introduced the Auto rim in 1920. HKS makes speedloaders for the round.
  2. What about trying a Henry 22 rifle? They are whisper light, no recoil and lots of clubs are allowing 22s now due to ammo shortages, so I would imagine they would let you do that. Also, maybe a shotgun Outlaw style? Or would your club allow you a 410 or 28 Gauge?
  3. Mowat's book about Mutt is "The Dog Who Wouldn't Be" and it is a truly wonderful story for ANY age!
  4. If you have a toolhead left Saturday, bring it with you. If someone here needs it, sell it to them first!
  5. Wish I'd had the money, surprised it lasted 1 1/2 hours!
  6. I hope I do this time around!
  7. Definitely, when building the bench I measured the rollout rack I plan on using to make sure I would have clearance under the bench for it. That is nice, the 48" one is tempting but I already have plans for that space to hold all my Dillon toolheads for the 550. Plus, the Missus said something about how neat metal pegboard pack would look. Who am I to argue that?
  8. There was a poem once about a girl who leaned too close to a wringer. Wish I could find it, because it was hysterical.
  9. Thought I'd bought my last box of Peeps when my Mom passed away, then we moved down here and my g'niece who is over all the time loves them. So...we now have one more package of Peeps here.
  10. Ya see how badly @Alpo has affected me?
  11. Okay, watching Tales of Wells Fargo, and wondering why Cliff Robertson didn't carry a "Wells Fargo" S&W?
  12. Got the bench at Sam's Club, an Ultra HD bench. Cost $149 and is a beast. Great instructions! Went together easily, put a strip on the back and left edge to keep stray parts from rolling off it. I think I am going to get some T nuts and put them in from underneath so I can mount my Lee turret or Load alls easily and removable. I have it high enough I am going to keep a small rolling cart under it.
  13. Ketchup on a hotdog? I'd be a Cubs fan first!
  14. You all were bragging so much on how great wet tumbling is, and my ancient vibrating tumbler has seen better days, so I went and got a rotary tumbler. Used it the first time today...it was great! Oh my goodness, how pretty the brass is! Didn't even have the Lemishine stuff, just some Blue Poly carwash, wow. It's out drying in the sunshine right now.
  15. One thing to be thankful for, is that you still have some excellent powders available. You can tell by how many of us chimed in. Hang in there.
  16. Will do! Thanks, when we got the place the Missus decided to paint the garage for me and we put in an epoxy floor. Yup, light is good during daylight And yup, will be putting in additional lights
  17. Make it look like an old mine entrance, and another like an ammunition or explosives factory. "Sackett Ammunition, No Smoking!"
  18. You might consider trying a 97, there seems to be a befit to running it left handed.
  19. I use more Unique than any other powder, grab it!
  20. That lever would make a good candidate for a NP3 finish, they are light gray and self lubricate, extremely corrosion resistant too!
  21. I hope they stay the Indians for many years to come. So sick of PC crybabies defining what is right and wrong.
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