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  1. I won't be shooting, my friend. Just coming out to meet a bunch of friends from here on the forum. But I will be wearing it. Just gotta keep hidin' from that rascal @Nichols Creek, SASS #77627!
  2. Praying for you guys here. I remember when my Mom was hit like that.
  3. Been waiting about as patiently as @Tennessee williams jonesing for a nanner split! Finally got here today!
  4. All my sets are mis-matched, .38s are a 51 Navy and a SAA copy, both with Army grips, my 44-40s are a OMV and a SAA copy with Army grip and the 45s are a Schofield and an 1860 Army open top conversion. I will be looking for another open-top conversion in either 38 or 45 at CAC.
  5. You would be far better off money-wise converting 30-06 to 8mm Mauser than 7mm Mauser, even with buying the trim dies.
  6. I would love to meet the Idiot who decided to stuff a small block V8 in the Chevy Monza. You either had to lift the engine or cut holes in the fenderwells to reach and change the back two spark plugs!
  7. Even okra can be good if properly prepared, but there ain't much you can do to lima beans...
  8. I saw someone with a high polish stainless or nickel gun that had a dark gray [or grey] swirl pearl look grip. It was very sharp.
  9. I would like the bottom one! Let me know how much! And thank you!
  10. Just about all of the ww2 production German ammo is going to be Berdan primed. Look first if you can or you will need a new decapping pin.
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