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  1. Okay, after running the Dillon today, the thought occurred to me wondering if I should try wearing gloves? I know we all have seen reports of lead build up in the blood and wondered if anyone has tried running their reloading equipment wearing gloves?
  2. Okay, the DH has pluses and minuses. Just using my team, the Cardinals, Wainwright as a pitcher batted over 200 lifetime with a lot of home runs. He could be better left in the batting lineup than someone on a slump. But, the DH has allowed also a player like Albert Pujols to get several more years playing time. The ONLY reason he ever left the Cardinals was he wanted a longer contract than any NL team could afford to commit to. So I see the pluses and minuses of the DH. Size of bases? Again, it will help the elite of base stealers, but won't truly affect the majority of players. The rule against the shift? Nope, teams will get burned often enough to control it, but I am still amazed at how really great players, like Matt Carpenter, never could learn to adjust to it. I'm ore annoyed at saying that pitchers are now limited in how many times they can throw to First. Length of games? I would say that the additional commercials shown has more to do with longer games than anything else.
  3. Wish mine looked that good! It's about 6" long altogether, kinda Y shaped.
  4. Thank you to a couple of friends who called to check up on me. Healing on schedule, hoping we can still head for Texas this Wednesday for a convention. Get the stitches out when we get home, will feel good to get rid of them.
  5. Nope, I will be there through Saturday! You guys still on?
  6. I'm stealing that "Lobotomy Scar" line!
  7. Thanks, yup I'm gonna be there Wednesday. See you then!
  8. Good evening folks, rough day yesterday. Tripped going to my Doctor, hit my head on a brick cornerstone, got into the Doctor's office covered in blood, bleeding like a pig. Wound up having to get a dozen stitches in my scalp. Definitely could have done without that. No concussion thankfully and being spoiled by the Missus. Think I will grab some coffee.
  9. If you are there on Wednesday, hopefully you can hit a couple practice spots to see if it fits you.
  10. I've had the Rossi 92 and currently have three Ubertis in 357, 44-40 and 45 Colt. The Rossi is quite a bit lighter, so you do have more muzzle rise. I have not shot a Miroku, so I cannot speak to it. However, both of my new when purchased Ubertis ran fine for me right out of the box. I am not a top-speed shooter, so I have no difficulties with the rifle slowing me down.
  11. Johnny, I see you will be at Comin at Cha. Look me up there and you can check out my CZ. Very smooth gun.
  12. The DH rule needed to be the same across the board. If it had been in 10 years ago for the NL, Pujols would never have left St Louis and would probably have broken Bond's record. The runner on Second in extra innings needs to go. Let the pitcher try as many times as they want to throw out a runner. The Shift? Hey, if a team wants to try it, go ahead. Smart batters will burn them regularly enough to keep it in check. Electronic Strike Zone? Yeah put it in for replays only. Let a team use a challenge. And they asked Mozeliak if he would ask Pujols back for next year if he wanted to try to smash some more records. He grinned.
  13. I have one of them and regularly run it at matches. Yup, needed the washer/arbor treatment but it runs great and has digested 100s of rounds of factory stuff and my handloads. [7.5 grains of Unique under a 250 grain rnfp]
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