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  1. Don't go pickin on @Pat Riot, SASS #13748 he's down to 814 days til retirement!
  2. The one I have on my F150 has aluminum bars across the bed and actually rolls up to the front of the bed. It works surprisingly well, but is not water tight at the rear by the tailgate.
  3. I wonder what it would have been like if Goldschmidt had been playing too.
  4. It wouldn't surprise me at all, especially with Ruger Wranglers. As similar as they are to their larger brethren, it would be an easy transition.
  5. SPAM is great when you make a pot of beans!
  6. Earl, Triple K sells repro mags for the 1903 Colt and 1907 Savage that work well. I have both and they are solid and work.
  7. Yes, it did, surprised me when it did fit.
  8. Just remember what Jeff Foxworthy said, "When those diaper boxes say 6-8 pounds, that's all the diaper will hold."
  9. Okay, you might need to check your particular gun. 45Special brass did fit in my .455 S&W Triple Lock.
  10. I have had really great results so far using the tumbler with stainless pins. What kind of results have you folks had running the tumbler without pins?
  11. Peters introduced the Auto rim in 1920. HKS makes speedloaders for the round.
  12. What about trying a Henry 22 rifle? They are whisper light, no recoil and lots of clubs are allowing 22s now due to ammo shortages, so I would imagine they would let you do that. Also, maybe a shotgun Outlaw style? Or would your club allow you a 410 or 28 Gauge?
  13. Mowat's book about Mutt is "The Dog Who Wouldn't Be" and it is a truly wonderful story for ANY age!
  14. If you have a toolhead left Saturday, bring it with you. If someone here needs it, sell it to them first!
  15. Wish I'd had the money, surprised it lasted 1 1/2 hours!
  16. I hope I do this time around!
  17. Definitely, when building the bench I measured the rollout rack I plan on using to make sure I would have clearance under the bench for it. That is nice, the 48" one is tempting but I already have plans for that space to hold all my Dillon toolheads for the 550. Plus, the Missus said something about how neat metal pegboard pack would look. Who am I to argue that?
  18. There was a poem once about a girl who leaned too close to a wringer. Wish I could find it, because it was hysterical.
  19. Thought I'd bought my last box of Peeps when my Mom passed away, then we moved down here and my g'niece who is over all the time loves them. So...we now have one more package of Peeps here.
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