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  1. Tarnish on the 66. It was that way when I got it used. Now you have me thinking evil thoughts about polishing...
  2. There was a Star Trek short story long ago called "The Procrustean Petard" where the entire crew had their genders reversed. Kirk had a Klingon hitting on him!
  3. My Doctor told me I was overweight...I told him I wanted a second opinion and he said I was ugly too!
  4. I have Crimson Trace on my Sig 239, like has been said, great for learning trigger control too.
  5. I am not at all bashful to ask the TO to go through the Stage with me before shooting so I am clear. If I have a RCI, that is on me, not the TO.
  6. I was excited when they announced them, but something in life happened and I didn't order when they were available right off, and then forgot about them. When I saw others posting they had received theirs I got mine ordered. Really, really nicely done.
  7. No one has been a better help to me adjusting to CAS than he has! Great feller [but don't tell him I said so!]
  8. Yup, I will get out to Texas Tuesday evening and then be there Wednesday bright and early!
  9. Egads! Can you imagine what the critters will be like in Australia after getting irradiated?!?
  10. Looking forward to meeting you guys in a couple of days!
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