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  1. Thank you for posting this and especially her picture. Been praying for her and now I can put a face to the prayers!
  2. Yes, I removed the seat. I keep my ammo boxes in the bottom and they keep the butts from sliding around. Keep your center of gravity as low as possible. I put the rain cover back on so if it does rain, I can keep the guns a little dryer. I am planning on changing stuff as I go, so this is kind of the Mark 2 version. I figure around Mark 5 I will feel satisfied.
  3. My first two cars were Chicago rust buckets that cost a total of $350 for both!
  4. Don't have any, never could think of anything I wanted for 50 or so years.
  5. I am not too far from this plant and yup, their parking lot is full whenever you go past!
  6. As this is a prototype, I used electrical tape temporarily. I may just put some silicon caulk over the heads if this location continues to work. I have looked at those same bins/boxes at Hobby Lobby!
  7. Yes, I used those automotive gun magnets screwed into the forward plastic crosspiece. they hold the long guns securely over rough terrain.
  8. When working in a max prison it was amazing what some of the biker tattoo artists could do with cobbled together stuff. They turned out incredible tats. I asked one one day why he didn't just do them for a living on the outside as he could be really well paid. He was like, "I just keep getting called to run jobs, so I have to go."
  9. The end of May I will have been retired 4 years, thank God He kept me alive and reasonably sane in that career!
  10. You mean @Pat Riot, SASS #13748 has a pin up of @Alpo in a bikini too?
  11. Okay, I use Simple Green and hot water to clean my nickel guns.
  12. Is it an automatic or manual safety?
  13. I saw those....must resist...must resist...
  14. Is it true he has a pinup of Rosie O'Donell in a bikini in his reloading room?
  15. Yup! Cheer on the Arkansas Razorbacks here.
  16. @Earl Brasse, SASS #3562 both mine ran fine when I got them, but Triple K is great at replacing something that doesn't run right.
  17. Build a man a fire and he will be warm for a day Set him on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life
  18. MMMMMM...the Missus made Nanner Pudding last night!
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