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  1. I was always taught by my folks there was no such thing as a stupid question...then I started working in Corrections...
  2. 4/3 of reloaders hate statistics?
  3. An excellent suggestion I heard from another instructor once was to find a bright colored messenger bag and sew a nylon holster inside it. Makes the fact you are carrying a gun invisible. Don't get one in a tacticool color.
  4. Welcome to the place! Post this in the Classified Section and you might get more response.
  5. To remove the rust without hurting the bluing, use bronze wool and a decent oil like 3 in 1 or Remoil. Rub lightly!
  6. This is a perfect example of the failure of pure democracy voting. A majority here voting on a subject they did not understand.
  7. I do know several folks who have gone to those programs with signs for people to check in with them and bought some good guns for $50 more than the Buyback amounts!
  8. Your shotgun is a good one. I run one too. They aren't the best guns out there, but for the price, you can't beat em!
  9. @Singin' Sue 71615 Just what kind of degrading pictures are we talking about anyway?
  10. Several years ago I was looking for a Ruger 22 pistol in anodized blue. Finally found one and picked it up, took it home and the Missus asked what I had. I told her and opened it up. She took one look, said "I love it! Thank you!" Sometimes I get to shoot it at the range...
  11. I have a Roughrider in both Birdshead and regular grip. Just compared them and it will definitely print less.
  12. Been through that, praying for you here
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