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  1. So very sorry. We let our 14 year old Golden go last October, feels like last week. It's difficult because we care about them so much, almost as much as they care about us. Hard as it is we can't stay away from it. We now have a 4 month old Golden, from the same breeder. Doing it all again!
  2. You both earned it, congratulations!
  3. A pard shoots FCGF and says he can shoot it faster double duelist than he can GF. He has shot duelist or DD for years and recently took up GF.
  4. I have used grits, COW, cornmeal, farina, whatever I had along those lines. But I only use it in my 50/70 for Plainsman.
  5. Nice boardwalk, and it was easy to sweep the hailstones off it too! We’ve now made it from VT to New Orleans, should be there in a few more days.
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