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  1. That's a very fine looking dairy cow. No worries.
  2. Hmmm, I always considered the NCIS NOLO guys to be pretty good. It's the NCIS LA series that I don't watch due to too much shady shenanigans. Now maybe, just maybe, I see too much Capt Archer in the Pride character.
  3. Gotta tell you about an EMS call I had years ago. Patient calls and says she is in the bedroom and cannot move, we are going to have to break in to help. We are talking to her on the phone to be sure we need to do this. Yup. She insists, so we break in. We can't find her. She is in her bedroom... in the nursing home 20 miles away! A lock box or hidden key would have helped.
  4. I've used 1F for shotgun for many years. Whatever the vendor has that's cheap. Usually Skirmish because it's a buck or two cheaper than Goex.
  5. My wife was a letter carried 15 years ago. That is about the time they stopped the use of pepper spray. Until then they had a standard issue spray. It was a sudden and full about face policy change from giving carriers a can to don't use anything. I kept her last can. Also, federal and state laws make it illegal to use any pesticide (e.g. wasp spray) in a manner inconsistent with the labeling. You won't find dogs listed on the wasp spray label. Dogs respond well to pepper spray, any type of OC. Tear gas is not useful on dogs, they don't even know they've been spra
  6. This is a MONTANA bill. Please, please make it clear in the post what state these actions are for. Of if it Federal. Thanks
  7. I get mine in Tombstone AZ. Discovered this place while traveling around before Winter Range; been back a couple times. This hard wax does not produce the tight curl that Fence Cutter showed. I used to use Clubman for that look. This wax keeps the shape without making the tight curl. I think I've used it once in the last 11 months, but that's a different topic.
  8. Yeah, it wasn’t open because the match was already full! So much for that plan. looking forward to ‘22 in Phoenix!
  9. I'm planning on it, as soon as registration opens. It wasn't open yet a minute ago.
  10. I have not had them break. I've used Wolff, some from Happy Trails, some no-name from Brownells. I have even ground down a couple myself. When I do that I hold it in my fingers. Can't overheat a spring if I can still hold it in my fingers. My fingers aren't that tough!
  11. I shoot a TTN (now imported by Cimarron) in Frontiersman for the same "Looks right & fun" reasons. I really like it. I have an original Colt 1878 and when I lay them side by side you can see just how close a copy it is! Yes, it is a bit heavy, that means it is solid and durable. The Colt 1878 was a top grade gun in the day; I think this one is too.
  12. Mighty Fine! Leaving for AZ next week, going to be a nice long drive with the camper.
  13. Retired at 62 & love it. My sentence was up! It was the earliest I could get out with full benefits even though it was 3 months short of 30 years. I checked the math, if I worked to the full 30 I'd get enough extra pension for a good cup of coffee each month. Was not going to work April through June for that! I now have three "jobs", one for small pay, one stipend and one volunteer. But each one is because I want to do it and all are on my schedule and I'm taking 2 months off without asking anyone's "permission".
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