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  1. Dang it. I have been expecting this. I didn't see how it could happen in just 3 months. But since we had already decided we could not make a winter 3-4 month camping trip with WR as the center piece it actually offers me a wee bit of relief. Instead of sitting here in the snow thinking of what I'm missing... oh wait, I'll be doing that anyway. But missing a cancelled event might feel a tich better than missing an existing event. But I have been to the last 4 Winter Ranges, it was a great time and I fully look forward to EOT with this great team in 2022!
  2. Still getting this message: Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Error code: 2C171/1
  3. Well Congratulations to the both of you! That's a mighty fine thing to accomplish.
  4. He was one of the first people I met back in the good ol days of CAS in Marshfield VT, 1995. It's been a great pleasure shooting with him and also working with him over 10 years at the Great Nor'easter. Best regards and condolences to Delaney, Raven & family. Another sad day in SASS land.
  5. I have not had them break. I've used Wolff, some from Happy Trails, some no-name from Brownells. I have even ground down a couple myself. When I do that I hold it in my fingers. Can't overheat a spring if I can still hold it in my fingers. My fingers aren't that tough!
  6. I shoot a TTN (now imported by Cimarron) in Frontiersman for the same "Looks right & fun" reasons. I really like it. I have an original Colt 1878 and when I lay them side by side you can see just how close a copy it is! Yes, it is a bit heavy, that means it is solid and durable. The Colt 1878 was a top grade gun in the day; I think this one is too.
  7. Mighty Fine! Leaving for AZ next week, going to be a nice long drive with the camper.
  8. Retired at 62 & love it. My sentence was up! It was the earliest I could get out with full benefits even though it was 3 months short of 30 years. I checked the math, if I worked to the full 30 I'd get enough extra pension for a good cup of coffee each month. Was not going to work April through June for that! I now have three "jobs", one for small pay, one stipend and one volunteer. But each one is because I want to do it and all are on my schedule and I'm taking 2 months off without asking anyone's "permission".
  9. A leather worker friend told me to use water to shrink the leather or alcohol to stretch it. I've done that with holsters, boots and a few other leather items.
  10. I like my LCP, and my Kel Tec equivalent. I also like my more recent LC9 even though it is a bit bigger. That difference is valuable in varied situations.
  11. Hey TB, I am now shooting Warm Up at 8 and Plainsman at 2. I'm wondering if you need help on Plainsman since I'm going to be there anyway. Or maybe that's not how your system works.
  12. Hmm I looked at my schedule and I see they have me shooting Plainsman and Warm up both at 2 PM. I guess I need to straighten that out before I can say more. The Green Mountains are nice and white. The snow isn't very deep and there's a layer if ice under it, but it looks really nice!
  13. I shot my Colt Signature Series 1860 revolver in CAS a long time ago, couldn't resist it. Mistake. The metal is softer than other Ubertis. The wedge deformed first and then I could feel the rest of the gun getting just a wee bit loose. Not much, but it's more worn after 2 seasons than my other Uberti 1860s after 15 seasons. So now it's the safe queen it should have been in the first place.
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