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  1. I have had very good success with Shooter's World Clean Shot, 7/8 oz of #8 shot with a recipe I found here on the wire. No perceptible difference between it and factory Winchester LRLN.
  2. I believe those to be Herter's Made in USA target brand.380 ACP, sold at BassPro and Cabalas, at least that is what the headstamp indicates. Why they are not 9x17mm is a good question.
  3. I have been using CCI primers for years with out any issue in my non-CAS firearms. I recently tested my "stock" NMV with 15lb hammer springs with both CCI and Winchester small pistol primers and had no failures to fire. Good to have options.
  4. #18 drops just under ~15.0 grains of Clean Shot for me.
  5. It's a long way to Australia to buy primers for us here in the USofA.
  6. Here is a picture of the die components. Is it possible one is not correct for the die set? Also, with the die body being aluminum is there some defect in the die body not allowing the powder through expander plug to move freely up into the die body? With the die set up, powder adaptor, the expander plug move up into the die body about a 1/4" before it hits the powder adapter. If the die and clean and the expander plug is under tension, as others have suggested the die is most likely defective. Lee should replace it without any trouble.
  7. I have a Lee 38 S/L Colt die set bought about 2 months ago. The flaring plug does extend beyond the bottom of the die, however it moves freely up into the die body. It works perfectly fine set up for use in my Hornady AmmoPlant.
  8. I will take #4, 4. Ruger factory black plastic grips off a New Vaquero. Too skinny for me. 30.00 shipped Please let me know how you wish to proceed, thanks pard!
  9. Continued prayers for healing and comfort.
  10. Looks like the domain registration is in the process of being transferred to Verisign. Once the registration is transferred you can look it up here: https://lookup.icann.org/lookup to verify.
  11. AR15.com is back up at: https://www.ar15-backup.com
  12. I tip my hat in awe to you Pard. Amazing craftsmanship. Thank you for sharing.
  13. I have been using a CD 512 for about 6 months now from Jay @ Boomstick Arms. The barrels have been cut to 22", and has his full action job. He really does great work, the shotgun is lightweight and handles really well. The forcing cones have been lengthened and a Kick-eez recoil pad added, which does help with recoil I also have a 512T (coach model) from Jay did without a Kick-eez, but with all the same work done as the 512 and you can tell a difference in recoil. It's been a great shotgun for the money. It was a big upgrade from the Stoeger I was using so if you are looking for a good
  14. Loading a heeled bullet like the .22lr through a side loading gate is a problem.
  15. If SASS offered the Life membership payment plan again this year I would upgrade my annual membership to life.
  16. I always enjoy a match that mixes things up and adds variety such as plate racks or small bonus targets. While it is fun to rip through a stage it's also fun when a stage makes you think a bit. Allowing to clean up plate racks at the end with the shotgun balances it all out. Recently shot a match where the plate rack was engaged with pistols on the first stage and then two stages later you engaged all six plates with the shotgun, that was a hoot! Shotgun VS. Plate Rack!
  17. Local gun store here has 209A shotguns primers, limited to 1K per day per customer. They also "had" CCI and Federal Large Pistol primers one day this week, limited to 3 sleeves per customer per day. They are selling at normal prices, no gouging. Best advice, check often and get friendly with the guy running the reloading section. With the LPP he had them behind the counter and not on the shelves, you had to ask for them.
  18. Thank you Hoss, pleasure doing business with you.
  19. I will take #1, #2, #3, #7, & #9. PM where to send the gold. Thanks Pard!
  20. I will take them, let me know where to send the gold. I will PM you with shipping information. Thanks.
  21. PM me where to send the Scully XL shirt to and I will get it in the mail to you Pard.
  22. UPDATE: Shirt spoken for and in the mail to Salty Pawl. Scully XL print shirt, new. Got this shirt a long time ago and have since lost most of my beer gut so XL shirts are way too big. My loss can be your gain. Shirt is an off white with black print. Mailed USPS to CONUS.
  23. I sure would like that Wah Maker Patterned vest Pard!
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