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  1. H&R s are hit and miss on accuracy, sights are hard to mount, (no tang) ejectors need to be deactivated etc. I know, been there, done that. Better bet is a Uberti Highwall or sort. Costs more, but you won't have to replace it later on. Sights are easier to mount as well. Check twice before investing. Ask me how I know this as well. 38-55 is a great cal, and there is nothing wrong with 40-65 or 45-70 for that matter. Jump in there girl. Al
  2. OK, so my recall isn't so great. This is a double cavity, tumble lube. Lee #TL358-148-WC. New in box. Never used it. I paid $75.00 + shipping when I bought it, If it will fill your needs, I'll ship it to you for $65.00. Al
  3. as I recall, this is a 6 cav double end W/C, and is the tumble lube. I'll get it out later today. I bought it a while back when I thought I'd get back into BullsEye shooting, but then my real eyes said, "what are you thinking"! Al
  4. Preacher, I might have what you are looking for. Let me get in the back of my safe and see if it is, indeed, still here. Al
  5. Looking for a set of grips w/screw, of the type that came with the "target" package of the S & W K38 pistols. These are the SQUARE butt K/L frames. Anyone got some lying around that need an old pistol to attach themselves to? MY K38 has had some black rubber Pachmeyers put on it before me, and I'd like to put it back as it should be. Heck, I'll even add the Packs in as trade. Al
  6. Waay back into the safe. Found a few more things someone might want/need. A couple collectable knives: A: Puma Hunters companion w/ original leather sheath. Lanyard is long gone tho. Stag handle, has been sharpened, and is razor sharp right now. $200.00 B: Schrade (Old Timer) Sharpfinger skinner. Great cond, original leather sheath. Has been sharpened too. $45.00 C: Schrade (Uncle Henry) Bearpaw lock back (LB7). New, in original box, wrappings papers etc. Has brass patina, in untouched condition. Been in the safe for 20+ years. $100.00. All + shipping. Also have severa
  7. In keeping with my safe clearing, I am offering my Thompson Center Hawken M/L rifle. .50 cal, halfstock cap lock right hand rifle. Double set triggers, brass trim, nice wood and blued barrel. I have owned this for over 20 years, shot it a lot in the beginning, then became enamored with flintlocks, never used it much after that. It is in very fine condition, with no major scuffs or handling marks and NO rust, brass has patina'ed. I can send pics to you, thru your phone. PM it to me if interested. Pics can also be seen by Googling it. $425.00 shipping included. (This thing isn't light)
  8. Hey Hoss, a nice turquoise insert would get mucho style points!! Al
  9. Red, me and PP have had a serious falling out, so I don't use their services anymore. Bank check or PO Mo works with no qualms. Thanks Al
  10. Up for sale is an Adams and Bennet S/S target replacement barrel for a 10-22. Premium S/S, .920 dia, Bentz Match chamber. 1:16 twist, 18" long. I bought this from Midway some years ago, and I think they may have been made for A&B by Green Mtn. I bought a blue and this S/S at the same time, mounted both on my action to check accuracy. Fired 10 rounds from each, found no difference, and since the blue was the last on the action, I left it. Cleaned this one up, oiled it and put it back in its' shipping tube. Been there ever since. I paid 175 for this one and since I'll not be building
  11. Got a hankering lately for a single shot in .223. Anyone got anything for sale or a good suggestion? Not looking to break the bank, just a few varmints butts. Al
  12. I wouldn't be too fast on having a Henry reworked. When my Frontier model arrived and I worked the action outta the box, I thought I was going to send it back because it was broke, Turns out it was slick as silicone right off the bat. My experience anyway, not putting anyones work down, just might save you a couple bucks. Al
  13. Don't know about that. I ordered a deep groove, 450 - 500 gr 45-70 mold, and this is what arrived, and the box it came in. Great mold, good bullet, and obviously cut by Lee, even if not marked so.
  14. I have run across this mold in my stash, and as I no longer have a 45-70, it needs a new home. It is a Snakebite, 6 cav, I believe, 458 gr big lube type bullet. It has been used, but not abused. Has the sprue cutter handle, but does NOT include mold handles. It is in it's original box, apparently was made by Lee for Snakebite. Asking 75.00 shipped. Ins is extra. If interested, PM phone # and I'll send Pic. (Never been able to get them to post here.) Al SOLD to Chert Rock Chuck
  15. If you are going to be casting .577 mini for B/P, you want pure, soft lead. Hard alloys won't work for muzzleloader ammo. Al
  16. Forgot to state, these are .22 LR Single Sixs.

  17. July, what might you be wanting these for?  I have a pair of Ruger, SS, 4 5/8 bbl,fixed sight,  Bisleys that I have been considering selling.  These are a limited edition, and not cheap, but are a nice usable investment.  I have fired them about three cyls each, and cleaned and put them up.  They still look like new.  Have original boxes etc.  I bought them to practice shooting with my big Bisleys, but never did.

    They will be priced around $1200 for the pair.  I live in Arlington, so a halfway meet could be arranged, if interested.  I can send pics to your phone, if desired.

    My e-mail is:  textac12@gmail.com


    1. July Smith

      July Smith

      Thanks for the offer but I don’t care for the bisley grip.


  18. HNH, you have my attention!  PM with a couple pics and a price.  We'll see if I can fit it in my wants.



  19. Willie, pkg on morning stage.  Expected del Sat June 27.

  20. Slim, Pkg on morning stage.  Expected del Sat Jun 27.


  21. PM address and I'll box'er up.


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