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  1. RW, I have a bag of 60 new Winchester 38-55 brass I'll ship to you for $40.00, shipping included. These are New, Unfired. Al
  2. Heck, maybe I missed that class, but I have been using LP primers in my 45-70 and 38-55 forever. No issues at all. Use them for both BP and Smokeless. Al
  3. I have a Dillon 3 die set for the .32 family (S&W Long, H&R) and a cal conversion kit for same. These are for the 550 presses'. Dillon price is $130 + shipping, I'll send them both to you for $125.00. All are in their Dillon boxes. Thanks Al SOLD to YellowStone Vic. Thanks.
  4. Sam, If Whisky doesn't buy you out, I could use a box of them myself. Al
  5. Looks like the box is yours, Hoss Trader. PM coming with particulars. Al
  6. Hey GR, Know you been busier than that cat trying to cover it on a concrete floor, but had time to check on the High Standard Victor mags yet? Again, send me your phone # or e mail and I'll send a pic of what they look like. Al
  7. Having sold off the last of my .32s, I have some "stuff" left over that the buyers didn't need/want. I have: An unopened box of 500 100gr Missouri Bullet co bullets 280 or so loose 100 gr bullets 60 S&W long cases 680 H&R cases 1 Lee RN mold, in box 1 Lee TCFP mold, in box I have all this in a Med Flat rate box, (Postman won't be happy) I'll ship it to you for $225.00, and I'll be totally free of .32 cal. Thanks Al SOLD TO HORSE TRADER
  8. The Victor mags have a unique baseplate. Not flat like most mags.
  9. Hey, I'll send you a pic of the ones I have if that would help. Send me your phone #. Al
  10. Hey there GR, I am needing magazines for S&W model 52-2 .38 spl, as well as for High Standard Victor .22. Got any? Thanks Al
  11. Hey Pards, I have 2 pairs (for two pistols) of Eagle GF grips. Checkered for OLD model Vaqueros. I bought these about 6 mo ago, and put them on my Rugers , but they are just too thin for my ham hands. I have since traded my plow handle pistols for a pair of Bisleys that are much better suited for me. So, these are up for a new home. They are in perfect condition, still have the blue velvet bags they came in. I can send a pic to your e mail should you desire, or you can go to Eagles' site to see them. These are nicely finished, but one set is slightly darker than the other, don't know why, that's the way they came to me. I paid $127.00 a pair plus postage, but I'll send them to you for $225.00 for both. Thanks Al
  12. Looking for a Parker Hale or Gibbs "Volunteer" M/L rifle. Would consider a Whitworth, as well. Al
  13. Thanks for posting the pics. I can't seem to get the system to work for me. Al
  14. After holding onto these for a Looong time, I have decided it is time to let them see the light of day some where else. I bought these when Ruger first offered them for my wife to shoot. Took stops at several shops before I found two, so the #s aren't cons. These are polished stainless, fixed sights, 4 5/8" bbls with FULL SIZE Vaquero grips with white panels w/ Ruger emblems. I fitted them with Wolff hammer/trigger springs and crescent ejector rods. All factory parts are in the boxes. She shot ONE match and decided she would rather watch than shoot. As a result, these were cleaned, oiled and put back in their factory boxes and went deep into the safe years ago. They have had no more than 50 rounds fired from each. You have to really look to find any evidence of firing. They are in SN (to each gun) grey boxes with all the stuff they came with including the plastic disc behind the cyl. Pics just don't want to post here, so, if interested, PM your phone # and I'll send to you. I class these as LNIB. You will be hard pressed to find any nicer that aren't still on a dealers shelf. $1900.00 shipped to your FFL in Conus. (Might have to discuss Cal sales) Thanks for looking Al SOLD to Dead Steel pending funds.
  15. Since this is sold, I'll ask the question: What, exactly is the "Marlin Jam"?. I have been shooting a Marlin for 10+ years, and have heard of the dreaded Marlin Jam, but have had zero problems with mine. So, I really want to know what it is, to be on the lookout for it, and the cause. Please. Not wanting to be disparaging, but really want to know. Thanks Al
  16. HNH, you have my attention!  PM with a couple pics and a price.  We'll see if I can fit it in my wants.



  17. Have an interest in acquiring either a Cap '97, or a IAC that has had a reliable smith action job done on it. Needs to be "Cap" smooth, guarenteed. Anything out there? Thanks for your consideration. Al
  18. Ya' know, after reading all the responses on this subject, I might be better off going another direction. I did research smooth boring a rifled barrel, and so long as it is 18.5 in or longer it is legal, according to the ATF. BUT, the cost and (looks like) results might not be worth it. I did look at the BB cap shells, and they are really hard to find, and costly when you do. Might be better off to look at a Silenco .22 air rifle. Just goes to show, ask and you shall recieve. Thanks Guys!! Al
  19. BS, been using one of same, but it doesn't have the range needed. I have already harvested over 100 of them with it tho. They are staying higher and in the leaves now. They aren't too dumb. (Darn)
  20. I am searching for a back yard Squirrel buster. I'd like a smooth bored .22 of some sort, a smooth bored barrel only, for a Ruger 10-22, or maybe an older .22 bolt gun with a shot out barrel I could ream out. Anyone got anything or even a suggestion. D@mn tree rats are destroying my pecan crop. Bigger bore S/G isn't an option. Not looking to spend a fortune on this project. Thanks Al
  21. Ran across a couple non SASS black powder items I no longer need. A: (SOLD PF) TC Hawken etc Tang sight catalog item #7194. Complete w/adj wrench. Great cond. Look this up on web site for a better pic than I can take. $55.00 del B: Brand new NEI double cavity Round Ball mold, .509 dia. Bought this for my Bench rest rifle, sold gun before I ever used the mold. A fantastic piece of work. No handles inc, but uses lyman etc. Paid over $100 for it, will deliver to you for $75.00, or will trade even up for a Dillon .38/.357 die set for 550. Would consider RCBS Cowboy die set. (Green bodys and gold lock rings) Pic to your phone # Thanks Al
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