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  1. What is the Min. & Max length of the belt on the Black fast draw rig?
  2. FYI The rifle blanks will work in 45LC, 44 Mag and 44-40. I have used a 94 Marlin in 44 Mag for years.
  3. Would make a great mounted shooting rifle for someone!
  4. I'll take It for $25 shipped. Let me know how you want the $$$
  5. Howdy,

    I have a friend that has one that he bought one a while back for his girlfriend to use,

    she shot it 1 time and never used it again - I could give you his # and put you in touch with him,

    the gun is in perfect condition, with a very reasonable price - he doesn't use it. Just sits in the safe.

    send me an e-mail and I'll send you his phone #-.He is a SASS member in good standing, just can't figure

    out how to get on the wire-





  6. Sent ya a PM on the cartridge belt.
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