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  1. @Tennessee williams if you make a deal please bring her to TN State, I’d love to see her in person. I got a thing for pretty guns.
  2. @Fast Freddy she’s a beaut alright! But, I’m like you and only shoot the “big boy calibers”
  3. Using real BP and brass shells. During a match I don’t do anything to the SG, no brush, no lube. After I load the shells I give them a quick shot of Hornady’s One Shot before I box them up. After the match when I clean the gun I run a bore snake through it then bore butter both barrels. Not sure if it’s the shells but they shuck easily all day long.
  4. Freddy if’ in he says anything that don’t start with a 4 I’ll be disappointed with him
  5. IMHO I know in that case I wouldn’t tempt fate again.
  6. Let’s pretend for a minute that this bacon embargo goes through and California goes on a pork free diet. Now think about how drugs are smuggled and how prison inmates hide things they don’t want the guards to find. Would “black market” bacon be a thing?
  7. If you want to keep shiny brass shiny it either has to be polished regularly or sealed. For a sealer I use this I wouldn’t use it on cases but anything else it’d be fine.
  8. Yesterday Louisiana put a mask mandate back into effect, is this stupidity ever going to end? Follow the science they say, then they say that vaccinated people won’t get the Delta variant. Then it’s Delta is more transmissible, but it’s not nearly as deadly. Indoor events are going to be cancelled again. I’m starting to think that some of these politicians won’t stop until they bankrupt this country. Hate to think what other states are going to be doing in the next couple of days.
  9. And speaking of good duelists don’t forget Bucky Buckskin and Confederate Colt both out of FL. And to quote @Noz “Leave Frontiersman Alone”
  10. Shooting duelist is not quite as fast as two handed but can be fast. Like so many other things a lot depends on you, your equipment, and to some degree your age. A lowered hammer makes the reach shorter, perceived recoil effects follow on shots, muscle memory, the ability to holster and unholster at the same time all amount to time. BP shooters have to contend with smoke and Frontiersman, well that’s a whole ‘nother animal, smoke, hot cap fragments, jambs, not to mention most of us don’t use slicked up guns (just polished internals). But, as Sue said, if you enjoy it do it and don’t worry
  11. Any numbers in statistics have a 50/50 chance of being 100% wrong.
  12. I’ll be in it to win it, but then again I consider donating to a good cause winning.
  13. I see we’ve gone a little sideways on the original question, the question was also to lift the quantity restriction on primers. As @Tennessee williamspointed out SASS shooters load more than hunters and our usage is more likely in line with USPSA and other competitive shoot’in sports, and 1K primers don’t go far. IMHO
  14. Kinda egg shaped with flat spots
  15. Even with hardened screws and the correct screwdrivers those little bastages they use for the lifter springs kept stripping on me. After the third time I finally changed them out to hex headed screws and never regretted it.
  16. I already have a pair of blued NMA’s and love them and I know this is going to be a long shot but here goes. I’m looking for a pair of chrome 1858 Remingtons .44 Sheriffs Model. PM me if you’ve got a pair that you’d be willing to part with.
  17. Looking for a set of 12 gauge CH4D dies for brass shells. Please PM me if you’ve got a set you’d like to sell.
  18. For round ball use a .454. Contact @Springfield Slim SASS #24733 his website is Whyte Leather Works
  19. If I could afford a car like in the video I could afford to have someone get me in and out of it.
  20. Thanks everyone for the replies. I was thinking that I’d put the grips on the gun and use a palm sander, other than being careful not to scratch the gun, anyone see any potential issues?
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