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  1. Perhaps I can figure out how to share a picture. I’m not sure if they make a .454 Casul any more. At least I haven’t seen any new ones. This new Rossi 45 Colt seems so good that I’m thinking of selling my old Rossi 357 and buying a new Rossi 357. Maybe not. I always regret selling old guns. Thanks
  2. I just received my Rossi R92C 45 Colt 20” Stainless Steel rifle. Very very good fit and finish. A lot better than my older Rossi 357. Super smooth action. At least for someone that is happy with a good stock gun. My old Rossi has to be handled firmly when cycling the lever. Haven’t taken it to the gun range yet, but I am super impressed so far. I appreciate all of your comments and assistance.
  3. xtreme bullets only sells components. Bullets, brass, primers. Not loaded ammunition per their website. NOTE: I read the post again. He was referring to jacketed bullets only and not ammunition. My mistake. So, I guess you are correct. Thanks for the info.
  4. I haven’t been able to find Extreme Bullets LLC on the internet. Extremebullets .com didn’t work. Must be xtremebullets. Com. They sell components... bullets, cases, primers, but not loaded ammunition. FYI DFW people... Academy Sports In Arlington TX had 7 boxes of 357 Sig FMJ flat point ammo this morning, plus 22 mag and A17 ammo.
  5. Holy Smoke is right! WOW! You are quite an artist.
  6. You guys are all way too funny! That’s why I love reading your comments. Great education with a little laughter. We sure need that now, don’t we? Amongst the laughter, Dusty’s comment reminded me of how much I miss Jim No Horse aka Alan Barbee, from Texas. He used to say “I shoot slow, so you don’t have to.”. Dusty, as the old school teacher used to say...”Be the best. Either the best of the bottom half or best of the top half. Just excel with what you’ve got.” Haha Well, it looks like everyone is out of 20” SS Rossi’s at the moment. Fun to look forward to something in the future, isn’t it? I did order some 45 Colt cases from Starline for my Ruger Redhawk 45acp/45 Colt...out of stock, but backordered. Thanks again.
  7. Yes, one of each is always the best answer, isn’t it? This sport is really addictive. Glad I live in Texas. Deacon KC Thanks for the .452 info. That is what I’ll order when I load 45 Colt. I do have one non-sass 45LC/45acp that I can start with. .
  8. Wow. Those are some powerful loads in the article. I think I’ll try the Cowboy loads to start. Haha My logical & practical side thinks 44 Mag. My emotional side thinks 45 Colt. I just love the big 45 Colt. Much “cooler” to me. Thanks for your insight.
  9. July Smith, Thanks for the detailed response. Very helpful. I am not sure about the diameter of bullets for reloading 45 Colt. .451 .452 .454 ? Looks like .452 is the most commonly available. It seems .451 or .452 are used for 45acp. I’ve only used .451 from Hornady, Cimarron Bullets, Blue Bullets, and just ordered some from Bullets by Scarlett.
  10. I know this has been discussed many many times and I’ve read as many posts as possible, but, I’d still like you opinion. Do you prefer a Rossi 92 in 45 Colt or 44 mag? Why? If you don’t own a Rossi, your thoughts on the 45 vs 44 would be appreciated anyway. I already own a 20” SS Rossi 92 in 38 spcl/357. I know that the 1873 or 1866 are the best for CASS and 38 is cheaper and more popular and 44-40 is best for black powder. I would need to buy revolvers for either the 45 or 44 caliber. I realize it is a Ford/Chevy or Ginger/Maryanne question. It would be for general fun, possibly used a little in SASS. It might never be used for hunting. I’ve just started reloading 38 spcl & 45acp. Comments about non-SASS and SASS bullets and powder would be appreciated. I don’t think I’d ever cast my own bullets, but things change. Your top two or three bullets for deer hunting or hog hunting would be interesting. Comments of why you like one caliber over the other would be valuable. Plus, any other related thing or story you think would add to the discussion. Thanks a bunch.
  11. Texas City, Texas. 41 miles south of Houston Southwest shoreline of Galveston Bay Deep water port on Texas’ Gulf Coast. Petroleum-refining and petrochemical manufacturing center.
  12. Del Rio Pete


    Spot still available for Pat Riot.
  13. 17 hmr was one of the few calibers left to buy at the stores in my area. Besides looking like a fun cartridge, could it be a good emergency backup when ammo is in short supply? Perhaps that will give you another reason for you to buy a new toy, not that you need another reason.
  14. For a beginner set of leather holsters, you might check Bull Creek Leather Holsters on EBay or Amazon. For a small child, you might consider Slowhand Bob’s idea ... “A mans 1 1/2" heavy work belt cut to proper length will be the best alternative to ultra light guns carried on tiny waists.”
  15. Years ago Texas had rebates for new construction homes and buildings. Many were installed in some areas. They worked well. When it came time to replace them, I would venture to say 90% were replaced with conventional systems. Geothermal has usually been more expensive and conventional systems have come a long way in efficiency. One of the biggest things is whether your area has lots of companies trained to work on geothermal. if not, you’ll probably be stuck with the company that installed it, which limits competition for pricing and good customer service. They are different from traditional systems due to having fluids, pumps and controls more similar to commercial systems. Most residential techs aren’t trained in geothermal, except maybe in certain geographic areas. Having to use more talented technicians usually means paying higher service costs. In Texas, a number of years ago we had severe droughts. The soil dried out, contracted, and separated a little from the geothermal loops in the ground. Efficiency and capacity deteriorated. They stopped cooling as well as they previously had. Those that used ponds had issues due to declining water levels leaving pipes exposed. So, Geothermal is great in certain areas of the country. Just do your homework.
  16. I guess we'll need to start a thread on the best self-defense cane. Diameter, length, type of material, weight, brand, short stroke, holster, etc. Glad the senior citizen stepped in. Old Guys Rule!!!
  17. Have you considered that perhaps your mail accidently went to your neighbor? When I get other people's mail, I figure the same thing happens to mine periodically.
  18. Yul Lose, Is this similar to what you used to do? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1BgzIZRfT8&sns=em
  19. I like showing the stories about the young adults to my grandkids...well, actually to everyone. Glad they were on the front page. Thanks.
  20. We should let the soldiers on the front line decide what gun and caliber they want. Or, make the guys at the top who make the decisions go on the front line to see how it really works. Added comment: I am not suggesting that every soldier carry a different weapon and caliber of their choosing. I meant that the experienced front line soldiers should be included in the decision making process. If 90% of experienced front line soldiers want a .45 caliber in a Sig, then that is what should be purchased. Decision making from the bottom up usually works better than decision making from the top down. It is the "worker" doing the job that usually has the best idea of what is needed.
  21. We want our troops to have the very best. However, aren't there any American companies that have safe reliable guns? I am not sure if the stories are true, but didn't the US military have caps made in China or some other country? Also, it bothers me to see American flags, the Statue of Liberty, etc made in China that are sold at government owned museums, etc. I wonder where the Clinton and Trump political caps and trinkets were made. (Also posted this on the other thread about this)
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