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  1. I've been following that advice for several years. kR I believe John Boy did some research a while back on primer hardness, it may be available somewhere on this site.
  2. Did it in a pair of 44-40 pistols with relatively lite springs and could see no difference in depth of primer strike. kR
  3. I shoot one a lot. Quiet? No more than a .308. So, shoot one without hearing protection and let me know when your hearing returns to normal. kR
  4. I only tried them because of this thread.I am not currently short on primers or ammo. kR
  5. I've tried it with several different 44-40 brass brands. The LR primers seat properly. MY point is that LR primers can be used in that caliber and I suspect 38-40. Would I be careful to check to make sure I didn't get high primers? Yes, but if I could not get LP primers and could get LR and they would work I would use them. kR
  6. It depends on caliber. I have noticed in the past that when I seat LP primers in 44-40 that they are recessed a bit. It may be just the starline brass. I just went in the loading room and loaded five 44-40 brass with LR primers they are seated a little low but not as low as the LP usually are. The only exception is Winchester brass and it is seated even with the bottom of the case. I do not know if LR primers are harder than LP primers but I would not think so. kR
  7. If I'm defending my home the only way I'm going to need a bayonet is if I run out of ammo. kR
  8. It may have more to do with defending what is a right to have or display that flag. kR
  9. I don't own a sg that hasn't shot both smokiless and BP. kR
  10. That rebate is for STS's not Gun Club's. kR
  11. I own Kid Rich Ent.,Inc., LTD. Shirttail Bess is the boss and CEO. kR
  12. Where do you find the Rem rebate? kR
  13. If you would like to see what a 44-40 looks like at night shootin reenactor powder go to the Memphis Gunslingers site and look for an old guy wearin a coyote skin cap look for the applications. There is a pic of Black powder nite shoot fromGunfight in Dixie XV. That's me shootin my 66. kR
  14. Nice looking sg MB. kR
  15. If you encounter some hard to knock down sg targets you may need to increase your loads a little. On the plus side you get a lot more flame and smoke. kR
  16. I had no idea what that was so I checked their site. I really do not see where you would be able to tell the difference when loading acp. kR
  17. I'm thinkin in about 4 or 5 days he started to stink. kR
  18. I use a hot glue gun to seal the overshot card in. Elmers will dry out as will most of the glues. Wax will break or come loose. The hot glue gun will sometimes leave a ring of glue in the shell. It doesn't matter as it doesn't interfere with anything it is quick to set up. kR
  19. Thats why there are pardons. kR
  20. Some folks have problems with digital scales. A good balance beam scale is more than sufficient for cowboy usage. I would stick with a Dillon or Lyman or another good brand. kR A lot of folks do very well with slicked up Stoegers.
  21. I never said or believed that anyone should be denied due process. kR
  22. I believe you can lose those rights under certain circumstances. Lets take life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If you commit a capital crime for which the penalty is death you lose life. If you commit a crime which is punishable by incarceration you lose liberty you go to jail. If you commit a crime because it makes you happy you should lose the right of pursuit of happiness. As far as I'm concerned you should lose rights if they are abused. If I'm reading what you wrote correctly no matter what you do you should retain all of your rights. I disagree, but that is my right. kR
  23. How short the stroke is depends on who does the work and is dependent on length of the cartridge you will be using. kR
  24. I wondered why you looked like that old man in Back to the Future after you had done a few stages. kR
  25. Lassiter sells the Charles Daly sg. If you are going to load brass sg call Circle Fly as he makes wads for reloading. If you tell him what brass sg shell you are using he will know what size wads you will need. kR
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