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  1. RR if you remember last year at WR we have concrete or block on some of the stages on the east end of the range they have wood covering the concrete behind the loading and unloading table to eliminate splatter in case of an AD. kR
  2. You cannot shoot Duelist in the gunfighter category, you can shoot Double duelist in gunfighter. Gunfighter you must shoot 5 shots with left hand and five shots with right hand. kR
  3. Is that the first time you've fired the gun? Or have you fired it before with something other than BP? kR
  4. Usually there will be a wooden barrier placed between the load/unload table and the wall to stop splatter in case of an ad. kr
  5. Scarlett had one for sale last year for sale. She may still have it. kR
  6. I will sometimes cook ribs at 275 for about 3 hours in a ribbed bottom, covered pan until they are fall off the bone tender. use whatever seasoning you want including a little liquid smoke. They can be frozen in containers or plastic wrap.Then when you ready to eat them thaw and then broil them. kR
  7. Taken literally that would be a little strange. kR
  8. Take it to the range, shoot it, you will find out. kR
  9. Usually a 5 minute break for some a that Kentucky purified spring water makes me good for another set. kR
  10. I find that he is hard to listen to, after 6 or 7 hours. kR
  11. Kid Rich

    Reloading Dies

    Waimea PM sent. kR
  12. Kid Rich

    Reloading Dies

    I load 44-40 on a 550 and do not need the caliber conversion kit the 45 colt kit works fine. kR
  13. Are you looking for a Winchester or is Uberti acceptable?
  14. You don't need to change category rules to let someone enjoy the sport of shooting BP. I shot BP for many years before I even knew about SASS. It is not something that is exclusive to one category. You can shoot BP in ANY category. kR PS and almost any gun.
  15. I've only been shooting outlaw a little over 2 years. It is a blast. I shot for a while duelist then to double duelist then finally to gunfighter. kR
  16. A few years back Crooked River Bob and Okie Sawbones compiled a list of stagescenarios and published it somewhere. I have a copy on my computer. A Glossary of Sweeps.pdf kR
  17. Hey Nutmeg, how you doin? kR
  18. I have been asked if I had no pride. I'm proud to say I have done my best to make that so. kR
  19. I hope I git on that posse. How much that gonna cost me? kR
  20. Plumb forgot my Argentine 1911 made in 1927, my Trapdoor and my 1917 Brazilian S&W 45 acp. kR
  21. My first 73 was a 30" bbl Uberti in 45 Colt. kR
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