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    I wont be wronged, I wont be insulted, I wont be layed a hand on. I dont do these things to other people, and I require the same from them!

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  1. I never really understood a " dark bore ". When I look it up it mentions corrosive ammo or rust. And I don't understand the black powder reference???
  2. WTB a 4 3/4 in blue barrel for a Colt 3rd Gen SAA in .357 mag. NIB, NOS, or mint condition...
  3. Hey pard-ner. I'm doing fine, hope you are too. Actually haven't shot since moving out west. Seems I missed my shooting buds more than the sport. But I always liked shooting single-actions so I'm trying to get my wife interested in them also. We will see...
  4. I don't like the way it looks either. Since they won't send me a set of replacement parts it is going back to the factory.
  5. I asked the company under warranty to send me a replacement set-up but they want me to ship the revolver in to them.
  6. I recently purchased 2 Pietta made SAA's. One Great Western II & one Taylors Firearms. The trigger pull on the Great Western is not bad but the trigger on the Taylors is terrible. The action is typical standard 4-click on the GW but really smooth on the Taylors. Odd! Neither have factory action jobs. But I digress, the reason for my post here is the part that holds the cylinder pin in the revolver, the base pin screw & spring. On both these Pietta's the base pin sticks out allot exposing the spring! It really sticks out on the Taylors! Neither is loose. The company tried to tell me that this is normal. On my several Colt's these base pins are in tight and the springs are not visible. What is wrong? Are the parts that badly manufactured on these clones? The pic is of the Taylors which sticks out even further than the GW.
  7. Thank you for the history. I did not know the specifics of that bullet. I want to load one round for rifle and pistol and stay with the .45 LC case so it looks like the 200’s are the way to go!
  8. Ok, sounds like I’ll try some 45’s too...
  9. Thanks all. The thing about the Ten-X 165 HBFP is that the bullet is just as long as a regular 250/255 only with a hollow base so one can use it in rifle & pistol. The only thing I remember is one has to be careful with the charge of gunpowder because of the hollow base! I'm wondering if it was a patented bullet from Ten-X that can no longer be had??? MC
  10. Hi gang, While rummaging around my ammo cache I found a box from the now defunct Ten-X ammo company some 165 gr HBFP's in .45LC. They have mild recoil compared to the 250's I was used to and even a touch less than some 200's I purchased. Does anyone sell Cowboy ammo with those bullets or can the bullets themselves be purchased separately? MC
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