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  1. dont recall buying but i do remember well his adds
  2. mine was - left gunner on a saipan based B-29 , he died 21 years ago today 11/11/00
  3. we have veterans day tomorrow , i have the complicating factor that it is also the anniversary of my fathers passing , it has always seemed solemn but more so now
  4. got one on a bench rest 22 , have not quite warmed to it yet , thought id give it a bit before i put it back to the curved
  5. pursue your happiness , its part of our god given rights , along with carrying that warm gun - even when cool
  6. ok l, not much different than here as far as the rules go - but you could extract the loaded revolver at the loading table if someone requested to see you were on an empty cylinder i think - cant leave loading tale till you shoot stage , but if you wanted something from your cart i think it would be fine to lay them on the loading table to retrieve the item , just cant carry loaded on the cold range
  7. well - back when remington took over the new items were having issues and i had an order for one that i was told would never be filled [there is a bit more to that story but its not necessary to this comment] the ordered "would not be filled" so i bought a sharps and have been happy ever since
  8. amen , hoping once burned ....has there been any efforts to prevent future fraud or are both current parties in it up to the depth of the swamp ?
  9. and just who do we have to thank for this ? remember when you vote ...........but then they told us they were going to do it - did you not believe they meant it ? what do you suppose the price of electricity for your electric cars will be without coal and AMERICAN OIL PRODUCTS ?
  10. she is blond - at least for today , but yes sadly i must agree we have dumbed down our society and continue to do so - there is an endgame unless some of us interrupt it
  11. that is my assessment as well , first with a checking/savings account in the late 70s/early 80s then again with a retirement account in the early 2000s , ill never give them another dime
  12. that was what leapt to my mind as well ,
  13. the good thing about the canadians is they cross the boarder legally - they go home [mostly] and they pay their own way not sucking our taxes , oh and we arent donsidering giving them more money for invading our country
  14. im not shutin any of them off , watched Chisolm twice this week , tombstone twice in one day ,
  15. never considered that wax paper wrap as a wick - thanks - ill save that old box i told the wife to throw out .......i got some colored markers to replace them :>}
  16. this is what i was thinking might fit - and in some cases slavers
  17. i see it in reruns on my free tv lineup lately
  18. ok l, is this just the russian wolf ammo under a different name ?
  19. it depends on the powder , some will vary a lot in measure by their nature - there are flake , ball , stick and every one drops a bit differently , but generally speaking with powder in the red dot , clays . 700x burn rates you will be OK in the 38/357 area , you need to know there are a lot of other variables in bullet weight and desired velocity/pressure to consider , i load at 3 grains of red dot myself
  20. i like it - but not with camo pants and a Tshirt
  21. so what does this entail ? i find this as much government overreach as all the other laws but then i dont live in oz , i have taken a young lady from perth out to shoot and let her use my holsters as well as my guns , she seemed to catch on quite well , she had no issues with the rifle or the shotgun either save complainin about her shoulder later , nuthin that a beer cant fix
  22. im good calling them marlins since thats the name they bought , much like all the others that have sold in my lifetime , i will reserve my purchase power till i see how they do , oddly enough it was my order for an 1895 4570 marlin that got cancelled when remington messed them up that made me think like stosign32v , ill spend my money wisely till we see how this goes
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