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  1. Same a Michigan Slim above. 170 Gr with gas checks seem to work best for me. We shoot out to 300 yds. at one club and about 120 yds. and another.
  2. There are only two options. SHB pg.30 - Rear sights must either be open iron sights mounted on the barrel or original style tang or stock wrist mounted peep sights.
  3. Looking forward to the team shoot. When can the campers start rollin' in?
  4. Wow, I had no idea you were having problems. Prayers for a speedy recovery and a quick return to shooting. What caused it? All those years of Dog Bite hanging on your shirt tails?
  5. I know 7 hours is quite a haul but the MBPGA 2022 (3 day black powder match) is at Paradise Pass August 26th - 28th. We'd love to have ya.
  6. I wish we would have had a chance to talk about it at Blackout at Stoney Bottom. We could have traded ammo to see if it made a difference.
  7. "First thing to look at is you cylinder throats and their relation to barrel bore, then the Forcing Cone." I'm trying to learn something here. What would this have to do with primers backing out? I can see spitting lead, excessive pressure and accuracy issues but not primers backing out.
  8. That should be enough powder. I use about a grain less of APP in my 44-40's topped with lizard bedding or grits. Double check to make sure the correct cylinder is in the correct revolver. I bought mine from a fellow who had more than four 44-40's and the cylinders were swapped. I contacted him and we swapped cylinders at the next match. (this solved a different issue than your talking about though).
  9. I don't know what load you are using but it sounds like the charge is to light.
  10. I plan on being there early if you need help with setup.
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