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  1. You are not the first , and I am sure you won't be the last. As long as no one got hurt.
  2. The Hole in The wall Gang NY had our first match on the 20th. Finally.
  3. You can contact Tazz He has them and can engrave them also Klassic Laser Works614 Nashua Street - #101Milford, NH 03055Email: TazzKid@gmail.comPhones: 603-714-1164 (Tazz cell) or 603-714-1165 (Single Rose cell)
  4. Prayers and positive thoughts only T Bone
  5. Another cheap and easy way to take up the space. Pick up some 3/8 inch caulking filler cut them about a 1/4" long they fit and compress perfectly. A old time black powder shooter told me this and i have been using it for years no issues.
  6. I have used 777 in the past but went back to Goex FF. Nothing like the real thing.
  7. Good Looking a gun cart, very functional. Nicely done
  8. I have several different rifles from Long Hunter every one of them are top notch. Quality work at reasonable prices.
  9. I think this will be a big hit but who is going to clean up the splatter LOL Thanks
  10. Your T/O and spotters are going to love you. LOL I always enjoy hearing them coughing when i shoot and the wind is blowing right back at them
  11. Contact Brett from T Star Leathers . His work is high quality and reasonable. He is well know among SASS Phone: 410-251-4463 Email: tstarleather@gmail.com
  12. Another match cancelled :(  May's West Virginia black powder championship. It may be time to set up my own range in the basement.  Although the smoke will be a little bit much.  Just kidding folks. 

  13. GOEX FF is my powder of choice
  14. I think that is a great idea. especially in Black Powder. Wish I was closer. May have to start one on the East Coast.
  15. I get all of mine from Rim Rock Bullets. good quality fair price Short Stack
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