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  1. Hey Pards, I’m about to ‘pull the trigger” on a used Uberti Schofield 45LC imported by Navy Arms. I came across reports that they had some issues “ blew hot gas in my face when three of the six cylinders were fired.” “turn line is very deep and irregular”. "Beautiful deep bluing" began to rub off.” “The front of the cylinder is rubbed and scored after only a few rounds” It seems the “used” ones that come around for sale are mostly the ones imported by Navy Arms .(Does anyone know when Navy Arms imported these?) Should I wait and hold out for a used Taylors or Cimmeron for 1 ½ times the price or just “take a shot” and get one imported by Navy Arms for a couple of hundred dollars less? What say you? Thanks in advance
  2. Outlaw Gambler,
    I hope I'm not out of line
    I noticed you were in line for Happy's 1897  and missed it.I just bought an 1875 Army Outlaw 45 Colt from Hillbilly Drifter that he had posted. I might regret it but I have the same 1897 IAC Norinco that's just taking up space in the safe that I'd let go for the same deal on as the one you missed. Same exact condition "as new in the box". I like my side by sides and only test fired this one,wrapped it back up and packed it back in it's box
    Pm me if you like jpy15026@yahoo.com


    Box opened.jpg

    forend close.jpg




    1. Outlaw Gambler

      Outlaw Gambler

      I am  not sure if this is the way to respond but I will try here and look for another way.

      Yes I am interested, and no you are not out of line. Can you email me the serial number, at least the first four digets, to outlawgambler@gmail.com and give me your name and address on where to send the funds. Thanks, OG

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