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  1. I never "dry fired " a gun in my life until I got 'back into" guns a couple of years ago and bought a few Glocks (striker fired) and was told you can dry fire all you want,I guess that's true with striker fires, but still stands true..... never dry fire a revolver,yes?
  2. I have a Ruger 357 Blackhawk,Ruger .357 Bisley and a Uberti cattleman .357,and in the market for a .22 cal Revolver for even more fun
  3. Just a thought for dry fire practice,would spent empty cartridges with spent primer intact work like dummy rounds or snap caps? Inquiring minds want to know jpy15026
  4. Are Rossi,Winchester,Baikal etc with external hammers all about the same level of difficulty to pull the hammers back? It doesn't appear that this gun was shot much,does anyone know if it will ease up in time and be easier to cock the hammers ? If I leave them stored in a cocked position for a few weeks will that ease them up a bit?Thanks Much Pardners ; )
  5. I have no Idea about the workings,just know how to pull the triggers and make it go bang ; )
  6. Newbe Here, I just bought a Spanish SXS (Eiber?) 12 ga Coach Gun, manufactured 12/76 that has the Greener Crossbolt I can't believe how hard it is to cock the hammers back.Is this normal or is just my arthritis Thanks in advance jpy15026
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