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  1. Hey, I have a shirt for you. Send me your address



  2. When I was a young man, my mother's friend had her grandfather's cane. She showed it to me and how you could turn the handle and a small trigger would pop out and the bottom of the cane opened similar to a camera lense. By turning it the other way you could insert a .38 cartridge. I wish I knew what happened to that came after she passed away.
  3. Im surprised no one has mentioned Lightning Hopkins, Sonny Boy Williamson or the legendary Robert Johnson.
  4. grenadier

    Zulu Shotgun

    I picked up one of these up for a Grant a few weeks back. It's missing the firing pin, spring and screw. I am trying to find someone has one and could post pics of these missing parts. My friend is a machinist and can easily replicate the firing pin with dimensions. Thanks
  5. Gotta think bigger Stuart, Jackson, Lee, Sherman, Hellcat a half-track or two and maybe a couple of jeeps.
  6. Great flick but looks NOTHING like southern West Virginia or Kentucky
  7. Try soaking the cork inwatet to see if it will swell. This is how I have fixed original forms in WWII canteens. Could even try mineral oil.
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