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  1. There’s hardly any stars from the 1940-1970 era that didn’t make some appearances on a TV western.
  2. The pattern and look was solved by 1945. This get up looks like it was designed and purchased at Walmart. The quality in tailoring and materials is highly evident when you compare the new bedsack uniform to photos or originals from the era it’s trying to mimic. These look like the belong in a cartoon not the military
  3. I’m on 16 as of last week and 17 seriously looks doubtful
  4. Rouge One is my favorite Star Wars movie but I still prefer Star Trek
  5. Be aware that Man the Line’s customer service can be ....interesting. I ordered a 1907 sling when they were on sale and received a Gew 98 sling
  6. I once knew a guy who recovered an original longrifle that had burned. All that remained were the iron mountings and the barrel. He cleaned them up, rebored the barrel, reworked the lock and finally built a new stock. He still shoots the rifle to this day. Granted, it is a black powder gun and a rather small caliber.
  7. Technically, you can’t label Manson as a murderer. Crazy evil b@$tard but not a murderer.
  8. got2B glued here for an all day occasion
  9. Central Appalachian, 100% Hillbilly l, no pretentious titles, no famous ancestors, just a hick from the hills.
  10. Tobruk with Rock Hudson and George Peppard touches slightly on some of their exploits, albeit fictional.
  11. You guys sound like a bunch of old men sitting aro.... wait a minute! ;)
  12. Look at photos or even watch old film footage. Facial hair would not be the norm in the 1950’s. Beatnicks and academics maybe, but not the norm for mainstream.
  13. I just can’t imagine a place called Dicks has anything I’m interested in looking at or much less buying.
  14. Unless you are lucky, originals are gonna run well above $100. When I was shopping for grips, the cheapest beat to hell originals I found was $140
  15. Not that difficult to go to amazon and type in 1917 S&W grips https://www.amazon.com/Numrich-Square-Walnut-Compatible-Wesson/dp/B07MCDR8NS/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?keywords=1917+smith+and+wesson&qid=1553180567&s=gateway&sr=8-3
  16. Pearl doesn’t look right on a revolver in my eyes.
  17. I believe it was Ernie Pyle who mentioned the weapons repair depots in Normandy. These guys were not to far behind the lines salvaging what they could to get it back into service ASPAP.
  18. I wish I could find wool versions that didn’t require a co-signer to purchase.
  19. New job and kids have kept me occupied. I’ll send to you a message.
  20. The French Foriegn Legion acceptance of former Waffen SS guys was well known after the war. Plenty of those guys died it went into captivity in Viet Nam several years before Larry was in country.
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