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  1. Thanks everyone for their input. I would just like to participate in a side match at either the State or Regional match, and thought the 100 yard Lever Rifle with Pistol Caliber would be an easy enough one start with being able to load ammo for and participate in with the guns that I have. What kind of guns would you see in a Pistol Caliber Carbine mini-match?
  2. I have only been doing this a few years and have never watched or shot in a side match. I am thinking of entering a side match this year such as the 100 yard lever action rifle with pistol caliber. I have several questions: In these type of long range side matches, are you allowed to load more than the maximum load listed in the SASS manual? And, do you still have to use lead projectiles as listed in the SASS manual? I have a 1860 Spencer Carbine (replica) that I was thinking I might be able to use for that type of side match, but not sure if a 7 round capacity limit would be a problem for that type of match. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  3. I have tried other people's sizers mounted on their cart but I found the SlixSprings Shotshell Checker works great for me. I was having A LOT of trouble shucking shells (AA Low Recoil / Low Noise) from my slicked up Stoeger shotgun until I started using this device. I keep it on the cart and size everything that goes into my belt before and during the match.
  4. Does anyone know of someone in NC that does custom hat work. I need a new leather sweatband sewed into one of my hats.
  5. In stock 5 minutes ago, but a limit of 1,000.
  6. Same here. I use my left dominant eye (while closing right eye) when shooting pistol. I use my right eye (while closing my left eye) when shooting rifle. Seems to have work well for me. If I could only get my mind & body to work in unison, I might not get anymore Ps.
  7. I have had 500 pieces on backorder with Starline for over a month with no foreseeable ship date from Starline. I have bullets, primers & powder, but only enough brass to get me through the state match this week. Does anyone have some new brass (50-100 pieces) they would be willing to sell helping get me through until Starline starts shipping again. I only shoot one pistol with 45 Schofield so I am only using 30 rounds per match, and I typically on shoot one match a month.
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