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  1. I had this previously listed WTT for auto paint services in NC, but it doesn't look like any takers for trade for those services. As such, I am now listing this for sale $1,650 + shipping from my FFL to your FFL (or for pickup from someone that lives in NC). Stock photo of gun. Exactly like the gun selling. Chiappa 1860 Spencer Carbine I bought a little over a year ago, and have only shot about 25 rounds through it. The gun is in like new condition, and comes with the box and paperwork. If interested, please PM me. Thanks for looking.
  2. GJ, Do you think it would be helpful to drill some small holes into the wood to help the epoxy grip better?
  3. The grips I purchased custom made for my Uberti SAA Revolver came apart after some 120 rounds of use. I need to glue one of the sides back to the middle piece. I take it that I should first sand the old glue off both sides before re-gluing. The question is .... what type of glue should I use to reattach the side piece to the middle piece? Thanks in advance for your input.
  4. Bought this gun new in 2021 for my wife to use in matches, but she never used it in match. It has had one box of shells (25) shot through it, and bore is very clean. It is in like new condition with box and paperwork. The gun has the single trigger with the mechanical trigger reset. $850 plus shipping cost from my FFL to your FFL. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  5. Singing Sue, I appreciate the suggestion. We have been out west twice already in the past couple years. While out there, we visited Mesa Verde and Durango, but that was before we got into SASS . We love the west, and am planning on eventually looking for some land out there closer (but not too close) to our kids & grandkids where we can park the RV and stay for extended periods of time. And, enough land where we can shoot on. I really like the Durango area, and Santa Fe area. While out there in August, we plan on visiting the Taos area .... as our son tells us it is a beautiful area.
  6. Thankyou everyone for your input. We will definitely look into shooting at Hayes City with RGR. We may also checkout one of the clubs a little further north if time allows. Thanks again.
  7. My wife and I are traveling from North Carolina to Albuquerque NM and will be there for 2-3 weeks in August 2022 to see our new grandchild. Since Founders Ranch has closed (where multiple clubs shot at) what options are available to shoot a match near there. I see on the SASS website that "Rio Grande Renegades" shoot there on the 3rd Saturdays .... is that still the situation for 2022? Where do the clubs that used to shoot at Founders Ranch now shoot, and when? I started shooting SASS early last year (only 6 matches as of now), and my wife just recently started (only 2 matches as of now). We would love to shoot at a match or two while we are there. Any information anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Out of curiosity, can you shoot in different category (ex. Senior classification using any SASS approved guns), and then enter costume contest in BW or CC?
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