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  1. Both of you will be sorely missed! You will always be beloved members of our Cowboy family! I hope you enjoy the freedoms of your new state.
  2. PractiScore on Android tablets.
  3. To make a CZ Sharptail Coachgun SASS ready I did the following: Lighten hammer springs. Lighten lever spring, lighten sear springs, Shorten cocking rods to change timing so the shotgun stays fully open. Lightly funnel chamber mouths. Reshape the top of the extractor into a diamond shape. Used springs from a generic English light duty Wolff spring pack for hammer springs. Used springs from a Home Depot 85 spring spring kit for lever and sear springs. Just takes a little time and patience. Very easy shotgun to work on!
  4. The Etymotic Gunsport 15 ear buds have worked great for me. They use #10 hearing aid batteries that will last about two weeks in the buds. They are analog, not digital, so they filter the loud noises and never give you a cutoff. You can still hear voice commands while the loud gunshots are reduced in volume. Here is a link https://www.etymotic.com/gsp15.html
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