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  1. Woo hoo! My son got his first buck! And a full freezer for a young man's family! He used my dad's .270. Pa is smiling down this season!
  2. I was given some brass cleaned with pins. I'm on my third recapping pin. Grateful for the brass though!
  3. Beauregard..... That's French for steaks, roasts, chops and burger.
  4. Just the ticket for Kaya's 20 guage.
  5. Titmice and chickadees hang out together. The creepers come in a couple at a time. Nuthatches too. The Cardinals were on the ground, the woodpecker was on the suet and the jays were stealing the deer corn. There was a flock of turkeys in the yard when I came in from my blind this morning. Saw an eagle earlier and two flocks of swans headed south.
  6. Congratulations! Thirty one for us.
  7. My feeder at the cabin after only a day of having seed. VID_20201117_103916390.mp4
  8. When mine acts up it needs a restart
  9. On second glance it looks too narrow. Hognose are kind nda bulky in my observation.
  10. My loading manual says not to reduce below published loads with H110.
  11. Been there many times! I feel like an inocent bystander most days.
  12. We had the hardest time convincing the butcher that it was my buck.
  13. Tried to keep Kaya in her stand but she couldn't do it. Had to see dad's buck. Headed back out with her brother shortly.
  14. Liver and onions. Was a good morning.
  15. On stand for the Indiana opener now. Waiting for Kaya's rifle to bark. Supposed to be rain and high winds for the Michigan opener tomorrow. Headed north tonight late.
  16. And your sex life may take a dramatic upswing!
  17. I'll be sitting with my dad's .30-30 in the morning. Hope to do him proud.
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